Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six-Sentence Sunday - Double the Pleasure...

 Linda sat on the couch and hugged herself against the chill. She’d lit more candles to
compensate for the covered windows and watched as Carlos knelt at the fireplace and held a
match to the paper covering on her store-bought log. “I’m glad I picked up a few of those while shopping. I didn’t really expect to need a roaring fire in Florida, but I like the ambiance
The compressed wood caught fire and small flames flickered beyond the screen. Carlos came and sat next to her.

Secured inside the restroom, Callie stared at her reflection.  Slight dark circles ringed her brown eyes and her lip color had long ago worn off.  She splayed her fingers through her feather-cut blonde hair, plumping it around her face, then fished inside her pocket for her lipstick.  She applied another coat of red and pinched her cheeks.  “Not bad for so many hours on the go,” she muttered, then washed her hands and stepped outside.  Her eyes widened and she gazed up into the eyes of Troy Willows.

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