Sunday, April 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Due to a death in the family, I haven't felt much like participating, but  I'm back today, admitting, I've missed reading everyone's scintillating six sentences.  Today, I'm sharing  from Embezzled Love, my women's fiction based on a true story.  This book was an EPIC finalist in 2009 and it really hasn't gotten the promotion it deserves.

Here's the blurb:

They advertise on television—“find your true love; we’ll match you with the person of your dreams.” Their irritating spam clogs your computer inbox—"free tonight? Let’s chat.” You can turn the channel or hit the ‘trash’ button, but the promises still linger in your mind. Is it any wonder divorced and lonely, Cassie Fremont, signed up for an on-line dating service?  What later shocked her was cost of the ticket for a ride on the roller coaster from hell.

Here's my six sentences:

Cassie balled her fists. "We have another new credit card? Evan, you have to stop opening so many accounts.  I can't keep track of all of them."

Evan gently dropped the box back into place and gathered her into what she'd come to know as his 'don't be mad at me' hug.  She stiffened and stared at the ceiling while mentally mouthing the exact words she heard.  "Don't be mad at me, baby girl."

Embezzled Love is available on Amazon, and from  I wish everyone a happy holiday, whichever you celebrate.


Joyce Lansky said...

Although this is my first time participating in "Six Sentence Sunday," I can guess from your writing that you were probably missed. Sorry about the death in your family. Glad to have you back.


Cate Masters said...

Aw, hugs Ginger. Loved your snippet.

Viviane Brentanos said...

welcome back. Great post

Jessica K said...

Welcome back! The blurb makes the book sound really unusual and exciting, and I really identified with the six. She has him figured out, but will she do something about it?

Sarah Grimm said...

Sorry to hear about the death in your family. *hugs*

Really enjoyed your six! Looking forward to reading more!

Lindsay said...

Hugs. Great six

Sandy N. said...

I enjoyed the blurb and your six sentences. Sounds like Cassie's the adult in this relationship, rather than the "baby girl." I'm intrigued with Embezzled Love.

Kathleen Grieve said...

I felt like I was in her place. Great showing! So sorry about your loss. Take care.

Jayel Kaye said...

very interesting post.

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