Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We View Reviews Wednesday

Yes, it's Wednesday again.  They seem to get here with much more frequency than I recall, but then every week is a blur. Not because time passes quickly, but because I have poor eyesight now.  *smile*  Enjoy the snippets and learn more about some talented authors and new sites to visit.

 Donna Del Oro
"Born To Sing was an exciting read as well as being very romantic and sensual. I enjoyed learning about the mysterious world of grand opera and what it takes for truly gifted singers to become successful in such a world. I'm from Texas, so I especially enjoyed seeing a Tejana and an Anglo Texan hook up and face their challenges. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series."-- Gloria Goldsberry, Cushing, Texas.

 Award winning author of romantic comedy and romantic suspense BORN TO SING (a love story about professional singers) Available NOW at: and at the Kindle store, Follow the series!  Coming soon: BORN TO SING IN LOS ANGELES Also available: OPERATION FAMILIA (romantic-suspense comedy);'s #1 "Best Chica Lit Book of All Time";  award winner, "Latino Books into Movies Awards 2010";  HASTA LA VISTA, BABY (a romantic comedy about divorce and discovery!),, and Barnes and

Gianna Bruno
Whenever I look for a book to read, I try and find one that is original. It's too easy, these days, to find an author re-hashing the same old stories, with little change. I was nicely surprised when I read Gianna Bruno's book, The Journey.

The Journey is a paranormal erotic romance about a woman, Milena, who will go to any lengths to find her lover, Thomas, when he disappears. Milena, shunned by the Salem community for being a witch (they don't hang them anymore), travels far and wide, battling Circe and endures the wrath of escaped slaves. Gianna nicely weaves a stance on discrimination in the latter half of The Journey. 

The review is located here:  

Ginger Simpson (

...Ms. Simpson introduces us to Callie and builds the suspense at a nice pace from the first bump of turbulence to the final confrontation between her eye-candy cowboy and the surly, swarthy gentleman. The aircraft is definitely in trouble and Callie is right in the middle of it.
I highly recommend this story as a great waiting room read—as long as you aren’t waiting for a flight. ;-)

You can read the entire review at:


That's all for this week, so be sure and send me snippets, jpegs and urls where your reviews can be found so I can pass them along to my readers.  Hmmm, maybe I'm making a mistake here.  I want them to be loyal to me.  *lol*

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