Monday, April 18, 2011

Little Things That Annoy Me

Aside from all the nitpicks while reading, there are certain things that get under my skin when dealing with other folks.  Oh, I'm sure I have a myriad of habits that annoy the daylights out of some, but I'm going to pretend I'm perfect and just list a few of the habits I find most bothersome in others.

Can you Google?  I'm pretty sure you have a search engine block on your tool bar.  So why do you take the time to send an email to an entire group and ask for the url to something?  Can you spell L-A-Z-Y?  Either Google it yourself or go back through the loop and find the original message that provided the link.

Digest or individual email?  This is a conflicted status for some.  I'm digest on a lot of loops because I have a hard time keeping up with my incoming emails.  Yes, it's annoying when people don't trim their messages, but to me, it's something you have to contend with if you make that choice.  When I'm individual mail on a loop, I honestly NEVER remember to trim my messages, and I don't think it's fair of those on digest to expect everyone else to present your messages in a neat and tidy scroll.  I look at untrimmed messages as the toll for being on digest, and I really get tired of the chastising emails that take people to task when they don't trim.

Forwarding messages?  Here's a tip...we don't want to see every place in the world where the message has been.  Tidy up the post before you send it.  Take out all those email addresses.  It's so annoying to have to scroll through all the addresses that have received the forwarded message before it came to my inbox.  

Mass promoting or sending a special post to someone?  Do us a favor and use the "blind cc:" line to enter all the recipients.  No one likes to know  you're guilty of "drive-by posting" or see from the twenty-five other people you've sent your post to that we aren't as special to you as the email might suggest.

And last but not least...

Do you leave comments on blogs?  Chances are the blog owner will see them.  There is no reason to go back on the loop and leave a useless message like, "I commented."  Those two word messages in response to previous posts account for at least 1/4 of the messages received.  

Now, know I'm not pointing fingers because that points three right back at me, but if something I've griped about hits home, then think about it, then quit doing it.  *smile*

C'mon...what things annoy you?  Get under your skin? Share with me.



Roseanne Dowell said...

Oh my goodness. Not only do some of these apply to me (I'm horrible about not removing other posts from messages in groups - I blame my age) but others annoy the heck out of me too, like the people who forward a message to me and don't remove the other addresses. Sometimes I don't take the time to scroll through all of them and just delete the message. I might miss some good stuff that way, but oh well. I've been guilty of saying I commented too. I only do it because I hope it'll encourage others to go to the blog and see what I commented about. See, there's a good reason for that one.
What bugs me is I try to be supportive of other authors, I visit their blogs, vote for them and attend their interviews or blog talk radio if I'm able. So why can't they reciprocate? Only a handful of people do, yet they expect me to attend their events. And I dislike others who ride the wave so to speak. They benefit from everyone else promoting. It's not fair. Eventually, they'll come out of the woodwork and expect me to support them. Okay, off my soapbox.

Sarah Masters said...

People eating prawn crackers near me. I can't abide the sound.


Anonymous said...

I am annoyed with dish towels! Retired husband uses them to wipe his mouth and who knows what else! (Other than that...retirement is sweet.) AND...I agree with Ginger...clean up those e-mails before sending them to others!

Tabitha Shay said...

Well, I have to admit, some of these things apply to me. Doubt I'll be making changes set in my ways. I forget to trim messages, and I never delete addys from forwarded emails. Guilty as charged.People taking up the entire aisle with their shopping cart then pretending they can't see I need by annoys me. I'm sure there's more, but this is top of my list...and what do u mean u aren't perfect? Ur near enough to perfect for

Kim Smith said...

Very good advice Ginger! I am one of those digest people too, and like you, just figure people who don't trim are not thinking of us, and I would be the same way if I was doing individuals.

It does get old scrolling through though, esp. when on a cell phone!!

best, kim

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