Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome Annette Snyder

Summer is the best! I am a lover of all things concerning heat and lazy lounging days.  When the kids were growing up, once a week we took a ‘field trip’ someplace close and free.  Most times that involved a state park with a beach.  On rainy days visits to a museum or an occasional matinee at the dollar theater occupied our time.  All venues were considered if we could drive there and back on a tank of gas.  My favorite days were the sunny ones spent by water, reading while the kids swam.  Reading on those days, was where my passion for writing began.

As a mom with four kids, time was premium.  Household chores and kid activities didn’t leave much time for my favorite pastime of reading.  Though I love those classic novels, it took me all summer to get through one.  Intense reads where time consuming so I read the lighter side.  

I’ve always liked the world of romance novels.  Boy meets girl.  There’s conflict.  It’s solved and the characters live happily ever after.  Ahhh!  The best part, as a mom with a billion things to do, summer reads were easily consumed in a few hours sitting on the beach or at the park while my kids played.   Written in proper fashion, romance novels captivate and entertain.

Once in a while, I’d get a bad one.  Poor writing.  Unsatisfying plot.  Weak characters.  Though I’d force myself to finish, I knew I could do better.
So I write.  

My 1800 Travis Pass Series was the first.  Inspired by those visits to museums with my kids and my fascination with antiques, coupled with the stories my great grandparents and grandparents told me about their migrations to the USA, I felt the need to melt all that in fiction.  Mix adventure with romance and I got Travis Pass, followed by Sally Murphy, Liberty Road and the rest of the series.  All stand alone reads but still in a series. 

My WWII trilogy came next derived from my grandmother’s life story in Viveka’s War.   Viveka’s a mom forced into the workforce as a result of WWII.  Though her husband is one of the fortunate soldiers who returned alive, mentally he wasn’t in one piece.  Plagued by problems caused by his infidelity, Viveka learns to move on and survive— triumph in her personal war. 
Viveka’s War is followed by Eureka Springs and soon to be released Respectable Affair. 

My current projects include a contemporary series involving a family of seven.  

Intimate Flames, an EPIC Award finalist 2011, starts with fireman, Andrew ‘Amen’ Packard, the youngest family member and convenience store clerk, Bradie Carpenter.  Both souls lost and discontent, untrusting, yet they find each other and work toward that happy ending.  

Drive Thru, a novel involving Amen’s sister Marie and Limousine driver Ben Sutter, follows and currently I’m completing a story about Dana Packard, female auctioneer and Bruce Levenger, insurance adjuster.   I call it Going Twice.

All light read adventure romance.  All available at or at Fictionwise and its many affiliates, or so many other places. 

Check my website perhaps I’ll be near you and you can pick up an autographed copy or you can stop at one of the many stores my novels are available.  Also, please do stop by my blog  It’s a pretty cool project that I invented whereas I’ve lined up fifty authors and writing professionals from all fifty United States and, each week  a new writing pro brings the spotlight to their work and state. 
It’s a great way to discover new areas of the USA and, if you’re planning one of those summer trips or weekend getaways, perhaps you’ll find something of interest or a new reading venue to grab for that day by the water.

I’d like to thank Ginger Simpson for hosting me once again.  It’s always a pleasure! 


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And Finally, here I am. I was trying to post while at work but the internet was down all day....and so I got no work work and no business work done. So...thank's so much to Ginger S and her great great blog, Dishin it out for hosting me today!

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