Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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A Day in the Life of an E-Published Author

An average day of writing, one without interruptions and everything flows in sync with all that is good and grand in my world (flowery words meaning – ‘if I’m lucky I’ll get a few things accomplished today’).

I set up my author interview blog posts weeks in advance and schedule them to air at 12:01 AM on the date promised to the author. So, I’ll talk about a typical day I have an author interview on my blog, (which most weeks is two postings).

As soon as I’m up (5:30 – 6:00 AM) I’m on the computer writing up the announcement for my featured guest author. It’s necessary to do this early for the best viewer results. I post that announcement to at least twelve – fifteen yahoo groups, She Writes, Face Book, and possibly Good Reads (just learning how to do this), which takes me about half hour. I also check my publisher’s yahoo groups.

Time to exercise, eat, shower, dress – my four-legged buddies were fed the moment I rose out of bed, little beggars, or I’d get no peace at my computer.

Now’s the time I make my priority list, if I don’t, I’m lost chasing my tail by visiting all kinds of blogs, She Writes,  FB, LinkedIn, Good Reads…making friends and comments.

My publisher, Lea Schizas, suggested the To Do List and breaking it down by prioritizing, what needs done today? Tomorrow? Next week? In a month? This list changes everyday…things shift into a new place.

A typical list shows the due date of any item if I know it, like this:

            5-1 – I’m a guest on Danielle Ravencraft’s Blog, plan to check in often,

            5-22 – Write up interview questions for Elaine Bergstrom (Bewitching Book Tours), e-mail them

            5-22 – Blog post for Ginger’s Blog, e-mail to her, my air date is 6/14

            5-22 – Blog post due for Muse It Up Blog – Essay on Mother’s Day

Other things that might go on my priority list and I would attach a date if I can:

            If I’m taking a workshop (which I do often) I would check into my lesson and work on that also.

            If I received anyone’s interview responses – I set up my blog and schedule it to air on a specific date.
            I’ve been working on character sketches and need only a little more research for the second book in my Lycan Series – I’m ready to begin the first chapter and time it out to write within a month and a half (at 50,000+ words, like NaNoWriMo – only a bit longer) – so, I figure 840 words a day or more. I’m one of those authors who edits as I write…so it does initially take me longer to write the first draft.

            Along with this schedule, I critique and proof for a couple author friends – and when they send me something, I always fit it in…because they always find time to fit mine in. This would be a list changer for me, shuffling priorities.

            I fit in edits needed for any of my contracted work. This would be a list changer.

            AND, sometimes, I need a short break from my longer work and begin on a shorter submission – this somehow recharges me for the longer work.

            I also do book reviews, so fit reading in somewhere during my twenty-four hours.

            As I complete each task, I cross it off. After all that’s what it’s all about…crossing it off. I might even do a mini celebration after a real toughie is finished, like read something fun for a while. Actually – I’d most likely do something with my husband so he remembers who I am.  

Writing is a job, although one I dearly love and would die without doing it, but a job just the same. I’m evolving in my schedule, setting my priorities, figuring my best time frame, and battling through interruptions. Sometimes it feels overwhelming because it honestly is never ending.

I admit, I’m consumed…maybe even obsessed with all aspects of writing, but there are so many that I can’t stop myself from sponging up all I can. And still, I’m dealing with priorities because I can’t be everywhere at once;)

Besides the submission writing (books, short stories) there’s always marketing – which I didn’t really get into very deep here, but remains part of my day…and not considered an interruption anymore. *grins*

If you’re a writer reading this, do you have any writing schedule tips? If you’re a reader, do you have any tips on how you stay on task?

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Ginger. I enjoyed my little rants.

Have a wonderful day everyone,
Kay Dee

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Kathy Otten said...

You look to be far more organized and balanced than I am. I work 40hr. weekends so nothing gets done at all. Mon. thru Thurs. I get up at 7 walk the dogs and go to the fitness center. Shower and get on the computer by 10. I try to write until noon, take a break for lunch and then write til 1:30. That's when my husband comes home and the distractions really start, so i do other things, emails, promo, research send out mail, etc. That is my ideal plan of course which hardly ever goes according to plan.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, your plan sounds do-able. My husband is constantly after me to work up a more do-able schedule...one that when an interruption hits it doesn't completely knock me off my keester (spelling??).
Thank you for stopping by and sharing - I love your schedule. I can't imagine working 40 hour weekends though. I salute you.

Karen Cioffi said...

I don't ever have a typical writing day. Family drama, phone calls, my husband :), nothing ever seems to run smoothly.

I do think marketing, and constantly learning new marketing strategies is the most time consuming aspect of writing.

Unknown said...

It's easy.I don't sleep. *lol* great schedule my friend. I've picked up a few things I could do better so you can add teaching to your schedule. Thanks for the great info and the lesson...Hugz

Roseanne Dowell said...

Try as I might, making lists just doesn't work for me, anymore than plotting a book. I just have to go with the flow. I do schedule my blogs in advance, so if something comes up I don't have to worry that they didn't get published. I envy people who can make lists and stick to them.

Mike Arsuaga said...

My day begins with our Yorkie, Thumper, waking me at dawn when he hops off he bed. If I don't get up, he paces the room with a great jingle of collar tags, i can't ignore. After feeding and walking him, the rest of the house stirs. I usually ride granddaughter Larrna to school. Upon return I have my best opportunity to write, usually until noon when the sleepies grab hold. After lunch and a power nap, I hit it for the rest of the afternoon, until time to retrieve g'daughter from school. I don't get back to writing until after supper when I usually proof the day's work. This schedule is subject to revision, depending on the TV schedule, however.

Charlie said...

Hey Kay Dee. I need a nap after reading your schedule! Wow. I need to do the list thing. I get so many things going at the same time, I feel like I don't get anything accomplished. Thanks for sharing what works for you!
C.K. Volnek

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen C. - I agree with you about marketing. I had no idea how much time I dedicate to it.

Karen Cote - you're an angel in disguise. Maybe you are an Earth Angel. You always seem to make time for everyone - I'm fascinated by it, knowing you're still writing and marketing.

Roseanne - I'm not saying I stick to the list, but I sure try hard. If I let myself go as I may I'd never get anything accomplished (smile). I'm with you on scheduling and getting the blog post up and ready early.

Mike - it sounds like a great writing schedule - but I know you are also promoting during some of that time (grins). I see you all over the web, which is very impressive.

Hi Charlie!! Thanks for stopping by. I do the best I can with the list...but sometimes interruptions just happen, you know. Marketing always seems to sneak in (smile).

Thank you all for stopping by at Ginger's place. I feel very honored by your presence...and your comments.

Kay Dee

Sharon said...

Kay Dee is a wonderwoman as she even makes time for her friends. Someone mentioned teaching. She's been doing that for years. Thanks so much for all you do, Kay Dee!

J.Q. Rose said...

I agree with making a list...not every day for me, but I do write down the deadlines with the item to be sure I submit on time. AND Yes, when I cross off an item on the list, I breathe deeply and feel the weight dissolve off my shoulders. Your day is busy. Thanks for pointing out that writing is a job...so many folks cannot believe that since I don't go outside of the house to work. Interesting to read others schedules. Thanks.

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