Saturday, July 9, 2011

Greetings from Alaska

Yes, I know Kelly and I were supposed to be back in Tennessee by now, but we can't seem to escape the pleasure of good friends, pleasant weather, and the vacation we've never had.  Ann and Mike have been the most graciious of hosts, and I've developed a love for her wonderful cooking (which I don't need) and K-Cup coffee.  I'll be buying a Keurig as soon as we get home.  :)

Honestly, I cannot thank Ann enough for changing my life.  I had never heard about bio-identiical pellet therapy until she explained the need for the body to have sufficient hormone levels in order to thrive.  As some of you know, I've been a mess for the past two years, and for the first time in a long time, I feel like a new person.  Sadly, I don't look any better, but having my hormone levels back where they belong without fear of the big "C" my husband's words,"given back the wife he hasn't had for years."  That honeymoon we never had...well...okay, I know TMI (as my son Brett would say.)  I never knew that women needed testerone and men needed estrogen.  What a different a few pellets implanted in my butt cheek have made.  Yes, Kelly has them too. 

Anyhow, we are loving our time here with our friends.  We'll now be staying until the 26th of July and although I love it here, I know for a fact I'm not the type that would like the winters.  I'm just amazed at how it stays light for so long.  When we first arrived it was almost 24 hours a day, but now that the summer soltice has come and gone, daylight is decreasing a little each day.  I'm sitting here in bed, typing this and I can still see everything clearly beyond the balcony....and it's midnight.  Here's a picture I took from the bedroom.

We went to Wasilla for a BBQ with Ann's Ex and his wonderful wife, Kathy.  Everyone was so hospitable.  Here's a bit of the beauty we saw on the way.


On the way back, we stopped at the river and appreciated some of the beautiful flowers that are blooming erverywhere.  I'd do fine if the cottonwoods weren't shedding right now.

Me trying unsuccessfully to hid my fatness behind Kelly.  :)

I already have the inspiration for my next historical.  On the return trip, Ann took us to see the Eklutna Spirit houses.  I've been doing research on the tribe and took this picture to share with you.  Facts:  During the winter time, the ground freezes and people could not be buried until the earth thawed.  To keep the bodies safe, family and tribal members erected small houses over the deceased, and decorated them with personal belongings.  This picture is a house for someone recently deceased, but the cemtery is filled with houses of all colors, shapes and sizes.  I have more pics I'll share later, but this one was amazing...curtains in the windows, flowers, the whole nine yards.  Almost made death pleasant.  Almost!!!

I'll keep snapping pictures.  I have some of the cruise we took through the Kenai Fjords.  Saw some awesome wildlife and glaciers.  This is definitely God's country and I'm so happy I have a friend who wanted to share it with us.  The good news...I heard the Cicada's have left Tennessee.  Those are some ugly ass bugs.



June V. Bourgo, Author said...
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June V. Bourgo, Author said...

I decided to redo my comment. Beautiful pics
, ginger. The cemetary sounds fascinating. I've been following your blog for a while now, check mine out.If you are driving home thru BC Interior maybe we can meet for coffee LOL.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Sue Perkins said...

Wow Ginger beautiful photos, I've had to restrain myself from thinking of a storyline to go with each one, I'll leave that up to you. Enjoy yourself for as long as you can.

Anonymous said...

Well...I made my husband get his pellet gun out...I shot him in the hind end and then he shot me...didn't get the same results as you and your hubby. I do agree about the coffee I have ever had. My favoite flavors are hazel nut and butter toffee. So glad you are enjoying your vacation. I love seeing the pictures you are posting. :)) Can't wait to see what you and your muse are cooking up for your next book!

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