Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome Viviane Brentantos

I suppose if I had to pick the reoccurring theme of Cold, Cold Heart it has to be the theme of sacrifice or – to be more specific – sacrifice for love.

Sacrificing for love. We have all been there. For me, I left my country, my family, my beautiful Afghan Hounds to marry and settle in Corfu. The rewards – a husband, two beautiful children and a wonderful island home. Ah – kids. We give them our all and do it willingly: our time, our sleep – our figures {sob}. We would jump under a car to save them.

But what of sacrifice for romantic love, when you know there will no reward, no happy ever after ending, when you give up everything you hold dear in life to help the person you love knowing that person doesn’t want you? This is true sacrifice.

This is the decision facing Daniel In Cold, Cold Heart. My question is to you all – does this ever happen outside the pages of a romance? Would you ever do this for someone you loved? Although I am a writer of romance, I tend to veer towards the cynical. I believe most romantic love is selfish. Do we truly want the subject of our love and affection to be happy – even if it means them being with someone else? I would love to know your thoughts. Please drop by and share your stories of true love and sacrifice. Many thanks to Ginger for having me over today. She is an inspiration to us all. Meanwhile, I leave you with two short excerpts from Cold, Cold, Heart


Daniel Haynes has the world at his feet- fame, fortune, so why does he feel so empty inside? What is his interest in Rachel Warner, a girl from a quiet Home Counties English town? Why does she hold the key to his happiness?
But Rachel Warner is scared. Daniel's interest in her threatens her ordered yet unsatisfying life because she has to live with the shadow of her ex-father-in-law breathing over her shoulder. Can she let go of her fears?

Excerpt one:

For a moment the room faded. The blood rushed to his head. Rachel's ghost-white, stricken face rose up before him, and he wanted to weep, for in the next breath he was going to sign away everything he’d worked so hard for. But he loved her enough to do it. “So, I have a proposition for you. A straightforward business deal, if you like. You do as I ask, and I promise”—he swallowed hard—“when my contract comes up for renewal in March, I won't sign it. I'll walk away from it all. I'll come and work for you. I'll be the son you've always wanted.”

Weighty silence filled the study.

“Do you mean it?” His father’s expression read victory. “I hope you do. For years I've been waiting…. But now is not the time for pretty speeches and false words. I won't ask you if you know what you're doing. If you have regrets, that's your problem.” He cleared his throat. “So, do I have your word on it?”

Staring into the cold, expressionless eyes of the man he called father, Daniel marveled at his lack of sensitivity. He had to know he’d broken Daniel’s heart. “Would you rather I put it in writing?”

The patrician face remained impassive. “You'll thank me one day. A contract won't be necessary. You are a Haines. I trust your word.”

“I'm honored—I think.” Daniel stood and walked to the door. As far as he was concerned, the interview was over—as was his life. He'd just forfeited everything: dreams and happiness for a little boy and a woman thousands of miles away; a woman who would never know and probably never care. “I suppose I ought to thank you.” He turned back at the door. “But I don't think I can. At this moment, I just feel sick. We'll talk again tomorrow.”

“Daniel, wait. One more thing. Not a word to Samantha. This must stay between us. A gentleman's agreement, if you like.”

“How cool. Father and son bonding and after all these years. So, tell me, why does it feel like so much crap?”

Excerpt two:

“That’s my call.” Daniel held out his hand. “Thanks for helping me pull it off, Brian, and for driving me to the airport.”

“It’s the least I could do.” Ignoring the hand, Brian caught him in a man hug. “I can't believe you made such a sacrifice for her.”

Daniel gave him a regretful smile. “Her happiness is worth it.” He buttoned up his coat. “Brian…I won't be coming back.”

“Daniel, go to her.” Brian bit his lip. “I'm sure if she knew what you have done….”

“No. I’ve kept my promise, but I don't want her coming to me out of gratitude. She has to want me for myself. I won't settle for anything less. She must never know about my part in this—ever. You must promise.”

“If that is what you want.” Brian sounded reluctant. “I think you're wrong though.”

“Now, about the other matter we discussed. I don't want her to have to beg for anything from that family again. I know she’s proud, but I want to make sure she never has to worry about money.”

“Rachel will never accept money from you.”

“I know, but she need never know. To begin with, you can tell Mathew Thompson I don't want him paying for Alex's schooling anymore. I'll take care of it. I also will pay off her entire mortgage. I know you handle her affairs, so just take out the monthly payment as usual and transfer it to an account I want you to open for her. I want to make damn sure if she should ever need anything, the money is there. You can always tell her it's from you.” Daniel took a deep breath. A vision of her beautiful face flashed through his mind. “Can you do that, Brian? Will you take care of her for me? It would mean so much to me knowing she's safe and secure.”

“Of course I will.” Brian's expression grew sad. “You’re a good person, Daniel Haines. It's been a pleasure knowing you.”

Daniel blinked back tears. “Just take care of her. That's all I ask.


I was born in Reading U.K. in 1958. My father is English and my mother is French although there is a strong vein of Spanish on my maternal grandmother’s side. I was educated at various schools before completing Sixth Form College at St Peter's Huntingdon. I somehow managed to collect A levels in English, French and History and I subsequently won a place at Sheffield University where I decided to read Classical Civilization. Much to my mother's horror, I gave up my studies and went to London to begin a course as a canine beautician. In 1984, my first husband and I parted ways amicably and I decided to visit the Ionian island of Corfu to celebrate my new freedom. It proved to be a life-changing decision. I still remember to this day, sitting in a café-bar, overlooking the crystal clear azure sea and saying to my friend. “I never want to leave here.” Writing has become my passion. I have always been a "Romantic", often accused of not living in the real world but who wants to do that? I like to call my work Romance with a quirky, humorous Brit twist and I am always striving to make my characters real, characters we can all relate to. I hope you enjoy my world.



Christine London said...

I think the very definition of live is central here. Self centeredness and self serving behaviour have no place in the true definition so the old "if you love it, let it go' adage truly does apply. Love and self serving should not be under the same definition.

This does not mean that jealousy and pettiness are not part of the human emotional array? Of course not. They just have no place in the end, if LOVE is to rule. Yes--we must let those we love be happy, no matter the personal cost.

Christine London

S.Durham said...

Nice to get to know you better Viviane! Compelling excerpts too. I like living in that other world too (at least half the time:)

Cheers, Sara

Karen Cote said...

Oh...two of my lovely friends under one umbrella..Christine and Viv. 'Course what better platform than our Ginger? are always thought provoking (love the pic). What goes on in that active mind of yours? Lol. Guess if someone is asking, you are doing your job as a writer.

Love the passion you have.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Another for my to read list. Your excerpts really hooked me.

Jim Hartley said...

Very nicely written.

And, if you can read this, it means I had no problems reading the site and leaving a comment.

Viviane Brentanos said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments and once again, thanks again to Ginger for hosting me in my own little party

Charlie said...

What a divine subject for your book. Very enticing and one that tugs at the heartstring before I even open the cover. Great job. Good luck with the book.
C.K. Volnek

J Q Rose said...

Oh my, but those excerpts certainly made me curious about your story. Yes, perhaps I am a romantic, but I believe in giving up something for the one you love. Best wishes.

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