Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome Carol Welty Roper

Carol Welty Roper, is the author of Tilly’s Song. It is the first novel of an historical trilogy, based on a true story. This novel covers many topics that the author uses as a platform for speaking engagements: surviving catastrophes, starting over in life, use of writing and singing for healing and grief resolution, healing our image of God and development of intimacy with Him, single parenting, issues of widowhood, infertility, development of lifelong friendships, German hospitality and many more topics. As an added bonus, in the appendix of the novel are all the recipes of the foods mentioned in the story. You may contact her at:


Tilly's Song is available for sale on

Note from Ginger: I had the pleasure of meeting Carol at the Bear Paw's Festival in Eagle River, AK.  I invited her to be my guest today, and I'm honored that she accepted.  I hope you'll make her feel welcome.


Pat Dale said...

Welcome, Carol. Ginger is the spice in our tea down here in the lower 48 and we want her back. Soon! Ssriously, your book sounds marvelous. Fiction based on real life can be riveting to read, as well as instructive to live by. I wish you well in your endeavors. And Ginger, get on back down here, pronto, girl!
Pat Dale

Roseanne Dowell said...

I agree with Dale. Carol, I'm glad you had the pleasure of meeting Ginger in person. She is a treasure and as much fun in person as she is on the internet. Yes, I've had that pleasure also.Congratulations on your book and I wish you much success with it. Now, I hope everyone in AK is ready to let Ginger come home. She's been gone entirely too long.

lionmother said...

Ginger, you and I have never met, but your humor got me through some pretty awful days! Thank you for introducing us to Carol and her very unusual book. I love books where you can find recipes at the end.:) Please come home and bring your sparkle back to us.

Heather Haven said...

Carol, you're in good hands with our Ginger, altho we want her back soon. Your book sounds delightful! Mountains of good luck to you with it!

Angela Kay Austin said...

Carol, this sounds like a great piece to have this summer.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Carol,
Welcome to Ginger's blog. She is one amazing lady, but you would know this of course, having met her. I think fiction based on real life gives the story added dimension and adds to the authenticity of it.
Best of luck with your writing projects


Morgan Mandel said...

Welcome, Carol. I love the cover art for your book. Sounds like a book that will be very helpful for many people.

Morgan Mandel

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