Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blog HopThursday

This is me, enjoying Blog Hop Thursday from An Alternative Read.  If you haven't discovered this lively group, I encourage you to check them out.  Sassy Brit has some fantastic ideas and she shares them.  Here's how it works:

A - Answer the weekly question on your own blog and publish it on Thursday.
L - Leave YOUR DIRECT blog post LINK on the Linky Tools Blog Hop Listing (found on An Alternative Read's blog). 
T - THURSDAYS Take a hop around the rest of the participants' blogs! 

This week's question:

Do you have a secret 'muse' or 'inspiration', one which you would be a little embarrassed about admitting when interviewed about your book (or future book!) or that you feel may affect people's perception of your book? Question provided by affiliate author David M. Brown   

Well, David, if you knew me, then you would know there is nothing secret about me.  My life is an open book and in the past decade of being an author and featured in countless interviews, I've probably revealed every aspect of my life.  I'm definitely not the futuristic type and I doubt anyone would read books stirred by the video games I watch my grandson play, unless they are into Lego Star Wars, Lego Cars, or Lego anything.  *smile*  I never know what type of book is going to be in my future because all but two of them have been totally created and driven by characters who pop into my head with a story to tell.  Who knows...maybe one day someone with a futuristic tale just might show up.  Wouldn't that be a switch?  Thanks for the interesting question.


Megan Johns said...

Love the pink housecoat and slippers, Ginger lol!

diannehartsock said...

I think the stories I write are character driven. Meaning, they take control whenever it suits them!
Thanks for visiting my site.

lprobinson64 said...

Yep, that housecoat and slippers are a must for a busy writer. Or maybe dress up like your present MC. I wish I could get a character to come and boss me around. I'm stuck with waiting for them to speak once they're on the page lol. I'm another one that is not futuristic or I could finish the story idea I got a few months ago of this powerful female who could best any size man, woman, boy, girl, or alien. lol

Sherry Gloag said...

I can so associate with what you're saying and blogged on something simlar elsewhere today. It's like having to find, create and place the pieces of a jigsaw before the whole picture is revealed.
Love the pink house coat and slippers :-)

David M. Brown said...

I agree - I need to get me a pink housecoat.

Lego was the source of inspiration for so much play in my house as a child that you never know, it may have indirectly inspired me in my creative writing!


Joan Hall Hovey said...

Hi, Ginger,
Sorry to hear you're in the hospital, and hope you're out soon and feeling well. Take care of yourself.
My suspense novels are drawn from my own life, then filtered through the imagination because they are suspense novels, after all. But the seeds were planted in my childhood.

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