Monday, August 29, 2011

Darlin' Druid by Lyn Horner

I don't usually post videos done to represent the work of others, but I finished reading Darlin' Druid while in the hospital.  Lyn has done a fine job of showing an amazing story with lots of twists and turns, vivid romance and sexual allure, along with characters you'll come to love and hate.  I was very impressed and highly recommend her book, which I'm sure, if you're like me, you'll be happy to know is part of the Texas Druid Series.

I was going to write a summary review, but the person who did the trailer for Ms. Horner did such a fine job of capturing the essence of the story, I decided to post it here today.  Do yourself a favor and check out Amazon for your own copy.


Lyn Horner said...

Thank you, Ginger, for your glowing words about Darlin' Druid and the book trailer. I'm very glad you enjoyed DD. I hope it distracted you while you were stuck in the hospital.

Sharla Rae said...

Ginger, I've read Lyn's book and totally agree. I love a good Western and they are few and far between. Lyn hit the target with Darlin Druid and I love that she's writing about one of the immigrant groups that helped make America what it is today.

Carra Copelin said...

Ginger, I thoroughly enjoyed Lyn's book, Darlin' Druid, and couldn't agree with you more. Lyn's characters come alive on the page and, combined with the action and her historical knowledge, I feel readers will be hard-pressed to set this book aside. I eagerly await the next installment from this very talented author.

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