Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome, Kim Baccellia to YA Week

YA Summer Finds

Not only do I write YA novels but I love to read the books too.  I call it research.  So yes, I end up immersing myself in the YA market by not only reading books but watching TV programs.  I thought I’d share some finds I’ve found so far this summer. 

TV Shows


Loving this fantasy of a girl who finds out after she is killed that she isn’t human after all.  Problem is there’s others that want her to stay dead permanently.  If that’s not bad enough she finds she can never kiss a human or they die.  She’s assigned protectors who look after her, including the arrogant cutie that falls for her.  But the one guy she really wants just happens to have his own secret.  Chloe is adorable and very likeable.  A must watch series.


This series is nothing like the 80s movie with Michael Fox.  This teen is bitten by an Alpha wolf which turns him into a werewolf.  He’s crushing on the new girl at his school but any intense emotions turn him into a werewolf. Not a good combo. The new girl’s family has a secret that just happens to include being werewolf slayers.  Last week’s episode had me on the edge of my seat!


Want to check out this series which is by the author who also wrote PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.  A girl finds out she has a twin who wants to switch places with her.  Then all heck breaks loose.



Think dystopia meets the Greek Underworld.  I can’t say enough great things about this book that has two hotties that sizzle on the page. Both are gorgeous and trying to get the attention of Piper. Don’t you wish you had that problem?  Loved this book and what’s great about this is it’s an ebook and available for $2.99!


This story combines a girl with a sensory issue with a paranormal/Sci-Fi element which works.  I love the rich details that bring Alison’s world to life.


Someone suggested I read this book.  I love the Latina protagonist who’s strong and confident even after she sheds her skin.  This is a surreal fantasy with beautifully written passages.  A must read.

And if you love paranormals with a twist check out my own book: CROSSED OUT

It’s now available at Fictionwise:

Anyone else know of any other YA finds from this summer?


L. K. Below said...

I don't know of any finds I've made, but your suggestions all look great! I'm afraid I've been a bit too busy with my head in the sand this summer. Not to mention there (sadly) aren't any bookstores where I'm currently living, not without a $3K flight. :(

Kim Baccellia said...

Oh, bummer on the bookstore thing. I'm kind of sad too because my local bookstore just happens to be Borders that's going out of business. Another great place to try is Netgalley if ebooks are ok for you.

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