Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Hop Thursday

QUESTION: With the advancement of e-publishing and e-books, what new methods of marketing do you think authors should employ? Question provided by author: Lark LaTroy 

What a dynamic question, Lark.  Given the rapid interest shown in ebooks since over one million Kindles sold during the Christmas holiday, we definitely have to look at new ways to market ourselves.  Since most authors are going the e-book route alone, we need to rely on new innovations like Kindlegraph to sign copies to personalize our sales, and we also have to be very active on the Kindle loops that are genre specific to what we write.  More and more readers are investigating the loops to find bargains and books, so it's imperative that we make ourselves known.  I've continued to have my books available in both e and print, but it wasn't long until I discovered that people are more likely, during this economy, to pay less for a download copy than the inflated prices we have to charge for our printed work.  The royalty return is much better on e sales than print, by far.  To find out more about Kindlegraph, click on the name.  I also advise authors to familiarize themselves with Twitter and learn the advantages of using hashtags (#) to reach your target audience.  If we don't keep our names in the limelight, it will be very easy to forget who we are given the huge number of new authors releasing work each and every day.

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Megan Johns said...

Great blog, Ginger, and realy informative. Thanks for sharing

Sherry Gloag said...

I totally agree that if you don't keep your name out there, interest in 'your product' will reduce, if not cease altogether.
I have a twitter account but am scared witless by it. That is my goal to overcome in the future.
Great blog, Ginger.

Roseanne Dowell said...

Great blog,Ginger.

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