Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ask Miz Ging

If it's Wednesday, it must be Ask Miz Ging day.  I was counting on people out there to provide me with a myriad of questions to cover a broad spectrum of topics and I wasn't disappointed.  So, let's get on with why we're here:

My first question comes from Anna K.  Why is the sky blue?

First and foremost this question brought back shivers of being in science class during high school. It wasn't my favorite topic mainly because I sat behind a guy who didn't know about soap.  :)

As for the color of the sky...there is, of course, a logical reason that has to do with gases and light waves in the atmosphere. Hey, I deserve a star for remembering that all these years.  :)

You'll notice the sky is blue during the day but changes at sunrise and sunset, allowing in different hues of pinks, oranges, yellows, and even purple.  I could go on all day trying to explain prisms, rainbows, lightwaves, and while I could cheat and look up the "scientific" answer, because there is an answer for everything on the Web...I choose to say the sky is blue because if it were white you wouldn't be able to see the clouds.

But in keeping with accuracy and research, as I try to do with my writing, I'll point you to an official explanation, if you can understand it.  Geez, and they say this is simple?  That's the most confusing answer I've ever seen.

Next, Karen asks...what advice can you give new authors at their first book signing event? Is there anything you've done that was really a hit to the people there?
Well, new author, people like anything for free.  I'm certainly not a veteran signer, but I've found that candy lures them in like flies...chocolate especially.  When I do a signing, I try to have a few freebies to offer, and I think it's the shame of scooping up goodies that makes them stop and actually buy a book.  Before you go, practice pouting in the mirror.  Make sure you get the look down perfectly to flash at those who just meander by and show little or no interest after they've nabbed a chocolate from you dish.  Guilt works wonders.  I've used it on my kids for years.

Lionmother has a burning question that women have asked for years...Mis Ging, why are men so stubborn?  

Well, my friend, I fear we've made them that way. I think some people, men especially, dig in their heels when they aren't in control, and let's face are never in control of their emotions, from the time they're born until they die.  They always have a woman telling them what to do.  Mom takes care of keeping him in line until he marries, and then the wife steps in.  Being stubborn is the only way someone of male persuasion gives the illusion of control.  I don't think we can change that.

Diane wants to know...  why we have to wait for tomorrow? I am impatience-challenged and don't think I can wait that long to ask my burning question.

Diane, in this case I'm in charge, and if I put everything on my blog today I wouldn't have anything for tomorrow.  Your impatience-challenged self will just have to suffer.  *lol*

Tanja has the most difficult question of all, why?

Because.  That's the best I can do with that one, Tanja.  Now if there was something attached to the why, like "why oh why can't I," I might be able to come up with an answer of more substance.

Vonn Lane poses this...Miz Ging, why does my cat bypass every piece of comfortable furniture in my house only to sleep on my black slacks laid out for work the next morning?

It's pretty evident to me.  This follows the same path as stubborn men.  Cats are territorial, but unlike men, hardly ever in control because they just don't give a crap about things that don't directly affect them.  By shedding on your black pants, your cat is making a statement.  "Steer clear, this woman already has a pet."  I'm pretty sure everyone at work has commented behind your back that you surely own a cat because of the hair you display all the time.  If the cat just shed on the furniture, how would the message get out? 


Friends, I have been simply overwhelmed with the helpful questions sent.  I'm stopping here today so I'll have some left over for next Wednesday.  I have already four, but let's not stop there.  I know there are lots out there needing sage advice.  In the absence of it, I offer up my own.  Tell you friends to tell their friends, and so on and so on.  Let's make Ask Miz Ging another Dear Abby, only more fun.  Don't forget to tune in next week for more fascinating questions and answers.  Ask Miz Ging...she'll tell you what she thinks.


Janice Seagraves said...

Great topics, Ginger, and I like the humor in the answers.


Diane Scott Lewis said...

Ginger, I suffered all night and now I'll ask my burning question. (now I have to think of something brilliant!)
We miss you so much on the HF loops, but that's not my question.
I like your chocolate suggestion for book signings, I might do that next month.
I'm just glad to see you back and active.
Aren't annoying friends priceless?

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ladies,
And Diane...friends are priceless no matter what. I've never considered you in the least bit annoying except when you don't call or write. :)

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