Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reviving, Ask Miz Ging

Blogging is hard business.  For the first four years, I came up with original ideas, had lots of friends over to blog about their books, and kept this place hopping.  Now that I've been a little under the weather and moving to a new house, I find my mind is void of anything interesting to discuss.

So dear friends, at the urging of absolutely NO ONE, I'm reviving, Ask Miz Ging.  Tomorrow will be the official day of the week for burning questions.

As I said before, you cannot hold me liable if you follow my advice.  I have absolutely NO credentials for advising, NO license to practice medicine, law or any other valid field, but I do have my version of a Ph.D. in life experience.  Besides, I worked for a large university for over twenty years and discovered that B.S. stands for "bulls**t,"  M.S. stands for "more s**t," and Ph.D. is the abbreviation for "piled higher and deeper."  Now, I've probably ticked off anyone who has a degree, but that was my attempt at humor.  I envy anyone who can wave around that magnificent piece of paper because it shows your "sticktoitaviness."  Congratulations, so ask me a question already and I'll use them to form my blog articles until I get working brain back. 

Go ahead, don't be shy.  Ask Miz Ging!!!  Did I mention that all questions received today will appear on my blog tomorrow?  Thanks for coming and providing me fodder.


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Miz Ging, why is the sky blue?

Karen Cote said...

Miz Ging...what advice can you give new authors at their first book signing event? Is there anything you've done that was really a hit to the people there?

lionmother said...

Mix Ging, why are men so stubborn??,

Diane Scott Lewis said...

Miz, Ging, I want to know why we have to wait for tomorrow? I am impatience-challenged and don't think I can wait that long to ask my burning question.

Tanja said...

Miz Ging, why?

Anonymous said...

Miz Ging, why does my cat bypass every piece of comfortable furniture in my house only to sleep on my black slacks laid out for work the next morning?

Lin said...

Miz Ging,

A friend tells me swallowing whip worm egss will make my belly feel better. Aren't they the same worms you have to have your pet wormed of when they're babies? What do you think of my friend's advice? And would I be out of line to just say..."ewww!"?

Heather Haven said...

Miz Ging - I am suffering. I just saw Sex and the City II and realized I am deprived and fashionless. Is this true? or am I being too hard on myself? Am I 20 years too old and 60 pounds overweight? Help me!

gail roughton branan said...

Miz Ging, please elaborate on Barbara E's question, why are men so stubborn? Why are men men and couldn't there have been a better way to propogate the species? (So glad to see you back, darlin'!)

Diane M. Wylie said...

Miz Ging, why can't other people do what I want? After all, aren't I always right? LOL!

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

Miz Ging,why is it every time I'm in a hurry, the guy ahead of me in a no passing zone insists on doing the speed limit?

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

And, yeah still me, with questions, what does 'Self-perceived deification'n mean? someone said I've got it when as an editor I suggested he consider deleting some things. Is it as bad as it sounds?

Michelle said...

Miz Ging -

I have two:

1) what do e-authors do to gain publicity since we can't have traditional book signings.

2) what age do you think is too young for an author to expect their readership to be in the e-publishing world? In other words, I have a MG book that I'd like to publish. Is it something that would do well in an e-publishing format? Or, since it is for children, would parents lean more toward buying traditional paper books?

Looking forward to your 'expert' opinion. ;o)
Concilium, July 2012

Oh, and I want to know the answer to Barbara E's question, too!


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