Friday, October 7, 2011

More Pictures of New Beginnings

I hope you don't mind that I'm using my blog to share pictures of my new home with my mother.  If I download them here, my brother can show them to her.  She's eighty-six and the thought of even touching a computer frightens her.  Heck, she won't even use her ATM card, but we love her anyhow.  So, Mom...come visit me.  I have plenty of room.

Before I go on with the photo sharing, I'm so proud to announce my Muse has returned.  Thanks to some good friends on my loop who stimulated my dead brain cells, Hattie's Hero is back in progress, and I've even started reworking Embezzled Love. There will be some major changes in this fact-based story, and I'm sure to complete an improved version of an awesome novel.  I'm predicting more people will know about this book when I'm finished.  :)  Oh...and if you live near Sparta, TN, please come see me at the street fair tomorrow where I'll be featuring my western historical, Sparta Rose.

On with the show...  This is my basement bedroom.  It's spacious, cozy, and I love it. Oh...the hose on the nightstand...hubby's CPAP machine.  Two armories are at this end of the room.  The next shot is taken from my side of the bed looking toward the walk-in closet and the step-up half bath.  Ignore the fat woman in the mirror and my robe peeking from behind the door..  *lol*

The next are two views of our downstairs looking from the step-up into the rest of the rooms and one from the doorway.

This shot was taken from the stairs leading up to the kitchen...back down to the laundry room.

We've arrived upstairs in the kitchen, and then a shot from the living room into the kitchen.  The open door is where the stairs are..

The following are the living room, my office, the guest room and Spencer's room.  As you can see, we're shaping up as we go, but still have things to do and pieces to acquire.  This is a whole lot more room than we've ever had and it's awesome.  To think our house payment is only $57 dollars more than our rent on a measly two-bedroom condo.  Whew!

Thanks for taking a virtual tour with me.  Now I can get back to writing.  Woo Hoo.  Hattie's story is taking a nice twist.  I'll be gone all day tomorrow, but check back on Sunday for sex sentences from Hattie.  Joy is taking a hiatus from sharing her tale.


Ielene said...

Hi Ginger, I love your new home and I'm so happy for you and Kelly.
With Love

Roseanne Dowell said...

Love your house, Ginger and love the way you decorated it. Absolutely awesome. By the way, did you mean SIX sentences from Hattie? What's on your mind? Must be those pellets. LOL

Anita Davison said...

Love the neutral colours Ginger, it's a lovely house and I know how delighted you are to have a home of your own at last - it shines from your pictures. I'm quite envious, but hope to be able to share some pics of our new house with you soon - if it goes right this time! Fingers crossed.

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