Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's Time for Another Blog-A-Thon

It's my birthday month and I'm celebrating with friends.  Wow, I put out a call, and people responded.  I've already booked every weekday through November.  I save Sundays for "Six Sentence Sunday," so looks like I'll have a full and entertaining line-up for you. 

Here's a sneak peek of who's blogging with me:

Nov 5 - Phyllis Campbell
Nov 7 - James Hatch
Nov 8 - Sara McNeal
Nov 9 - Sharon Donovan
Nov 10 - Margaret West
Nov 11 - Rachel Brimble
Nov 12 - Anne Patrick
Nov 14 - Chris Redding
Nov 15 - Katherine Tate
Nov 16 - Linda Swift
Nov 17 - Rebecca Minto
Nov 18 - Widdershins
Nov 19 - Teel James Glenn
Nov 21 - Tara Mandarino
Nov 22 - James Hartley
Nov 23 - Mother & Daughter Team - Lin and Kat Holmes
Nov 24 - Dianne Hartsock
Nov 25 - Margaret Fieland
Nov 26 - Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Nov 28 - Gail Brannan
Nov 29 - Sandra Clark
Nov 30 - Mark Casigh

Wow - didn't I say entertaining?  Be sure and tune in.  Some of these peeps might even be giving away a prize here and there to entice you.  I'll be picking three names from those who respond and offering them each a choice of my available books.  My announcement, of course, will have to wait until December 1st.  Oh, and make a note to take some snapshots of your home decor as you get ready for the holidays.  December, I hope to have some to share with my readers.  You can email the pics directly to me at gmail. :)


widdershins said...

What a wonderful cast of rogues!!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Ginger! Happy Birthday month!
I met you when following Kerri Nelson's "Courting Demons" tour. Now I'm a fan and blog follower of yours too. Looking forward to the Blog-A-Thon. You've got a grand group to "Dish it out!"

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