Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Video

I redid my video for Embezzled Love...the one that accidentally got erased seconds after I finished it.  Arghhh!  My husband fixed the dents I kicked in the wall, and my stress headache went away.  So...I proudly present the new, finished product.  :)


Oh, I guess it might be nice to mention that the book is releasing in December from Books We Love.


Martin S said...

Hi! I loved your video promo so much that I decided to run it on That's Books, my book news and reviews site.

I hope you don't mind!

Unknown said...

Thatsnews, Mind? I'm flattered.

Martin S said...

Flattered? Cool!

With that in mind I have pushed it out to my followers on Twitter and Facebook, etc!

widdershins said...

What a wonderful piece of music to go along with the images ... nicely done!

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