Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Sight

Welcome!  Today is the first day of a seven-day blogfest at Ravencraft's Romance Realm.  I'm excited to be part of this, not only because it's a great way to show my love for a particular person in my life, but it's fun to interact with my peers and readers.  Of course, if I happened to win, I wouldn't be offended.  As I announced yesterday, the goal is to follow the guidelines for each day, so today, I offer...

My First Sight of Him

Tension filled the air.  The feeling that something important was about to happen kept my shoulders tensed and my hands fisted in my lap.  I sat in an uncomfortable chair, my eyes wide, my heart pounding.  Why had I agreed to this?  I never was one for stress, nor did I handle it well.

 I had no idea what to expect.  Oh, I knew I was meeting someone of the male persuasion for the first time, but I had no idea of those things most people want to know: how tall he'd be, how much he'd weigh, what color hair, did he even have hair?  It was too late to back out, I was about to discover the answers to those burning questions. 

A nicely dress man entered the room.  He was quite handsome, I thought, and my heart fluttered when he signaled for me to join him.  "Stand right here," he said as he moved closer to the only other woman in the room. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I followed his instructions and stood, my legs wobbly, my hands shaking.  I guess I was expected to do something since I showed up.

It didn't take long before I knew I'd made the right choice.  I was so glad I came.  The doctor turned from my daughter-in-law's side and placed my new grandson in my arms. "Hear you go, grandma."  

Turning pinker by the moment, he didn't cry, he didn't fuss, instead Spencer's gaze searched my face despite the overhead hospital light shining in his dark eyes, making them look like ebony gems.  Although they say newborns don't smile, I swear his tiny lips curled as if to say, "I'm here, Grandma and I know you'll love me so much your heart'll hurt.  You know what?  He was right?  The minute I first saw him my love blossomed and it's grown stronger ever day since that moment nine years ago.  My Spencer! My Love!

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Kay Dee Royal said...

Hi Ginger *waves*

Loved your post...you little wizard. What a sweet twist. *grins*

I'm making my rounds on the hop, checkin' things out, and I'd say you get two thumbs up for this one, my dear.


Sarah Gilman said...

Morning Ginger! Loved the post. Very cute :-)

Ingeborg said...

Hi Ginger
Stopped by to say hi

mirrormera92 said...

Hola! I am following via GFC: mirrormera92

Awesome g-way!



diannehartsock said...

That was beautiful! What a wonderful memory to have. I felt that way when I was three months pregnant and my daughter started to hiccup during the ultra sound. Instant love!

cheralyn said...

I enjoyed your post,very nice! I follow yor blog via GFC. (cheryllynne) cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

librarypat said...

What a delightfully different approach to the Valentine Day love theme. So often the focus is love as in sex., we forget the many other manifestations of love. This is a great reminder.
Thanks for participating in the Hop and giveaway.

I am a GFC Follower as librarypat.

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

Danielle Ravencraft said...

Ginger, I so loved this! I thought you were on a blind date at first! You tricky lady. *wink* Good work.

Making my way through the hop, seeing what's what. :)


squiresj said...

My first visit to your blog. I am making my rounds on the blog hop. I love meeting authors I have never met.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Marian L said...

Awesome twist and so true, Marian

gail roughton branan said...

Right with you girl! Although in my case, his name is Austin and though i was supposed to be there when he was born, he decided to do a 180 and was in what's called transverse lie breach position -- as, he was lying on his side, horizontally, like he was a teenager taking a nap on the couch! Thank God for modern medicine and C-sections, even if I couldn't be there at delivery!

Renald said...

Great interview ,good luck with the blog hop. Deb P

Charlene A. Wilson said...

Hi Ginger! What a lovely memory. Yeah, you had me going too. :) Loved this post. Good luck!


Cathy M said...

I loved your post. My boy's are my true joy, and I can't wait for my grand babies.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Catherine Lee said...

What a sweet twist on a "First Sight" story. Your little man was tinier than most of the ones being mentioned on this hop!

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

CKay Brooks said...

Love the start, so glad I stopped by.

Denise Z said...

Hopped over from twitter and signed up to follow. I really enjoyed this post, it is fun and unique. Thank you for sharing with us:)

June L said...

GFC follower (June L). Thanks for the giveaway.

junerlisle at gmail dot com

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