Monday, February 6, 2012

Ravenscraft's Romance Realm Blog Event

While you're reading this, I'm having laser surgery to correct my vision in my right eye.  On Valentine's day, I get to have the left eye done.  Seems I have all the luck.  My 2010 cataract surgery has gone "bad" and I'm in need of a laser procedure to remove the film that's accumulated on my "new" lens.  Yay me!

But...In celebration of Valentine's day, Ravencraft's Romance Realm is celebrating a week of "Firsts."  Each day will follow a theme, and I hope you'll join me here at Dishin' It Out each day as I play along.  I preplanned my posts knowing I might need some time off the computer.  I don't think checking in once and a while will hurt though. :)  The topics will be:

Feb 8 -   First Sight
Feb 9 -   First Touch
Feb 10 - First Date
Feb 11 - First Dance
Feb 12 - First Kiss
Feb 13 - First Breakup or Makeup
Feb 14 - Best "First Love" of 2011

There will be other bloggers joining in the fun so either click on the banner or the name and you'll be whisked away to find the other entries.  I say entry, because of course, there's a prize for whoever is deemed the best at describing their firsts.  :)

See you tomorrow...and probably a lot clearer.  *lol*


Joan Hall Hovey said...

You and my younger sister are both having that surgery on the same day. While I remain foggy through my days. -:)

A quick clear view.


widdershins said...

Hope your surgery goes well .. got a candle in the window for you.

Dale Jones said...

Hope this takes care of your problem. Eyesight is so precious.

Ginger Simpson said...

Thanks for the good wishes. The procedure was a snap. I can't wait till next week to have my other eye done. :)

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