Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lorrie Striuff is Dishin' It Out

I invited Lorrie to stop by and tell us a little bit about what's going on with her and her writing.  I've read her work, and I'm a fan, so I always welcome her to Dishin' It Out.  Today she brought a friend who's going to do the talking.  So, without anymore blathering from Beggar:
Hi, Ginger, thanks for the invite. I’m doin’ summersaults bein’ here.
      Now, I know his is kinda early, but I wanna introduce myself to the folks anyways. I’ll be showin’ up in a book near September.
My name’s Beggar, and I’m a proud ringtail monkey. Yep, you read right. Like an entertainer for an organ grinder.
Here’s my story.
See, I escaped my chains from a downright nasty man that used me to make money for his medicine show. We traveled around the west. He’d trained me do tricks to make people laugh, and some other mighty mean things that I won’t mention. Might get me into trouble. *looks both ways for the law.*
Making my way north, hungry, thirsty, I come upon this empty office with food. Well, I dove right into that there chicken and biscuits in the lunch basket. Yowee, it was good eatin’. See, I eat both meat and fruit. Almost any dang thing when I’m starving.
Now, how was I ‘posed to know I was in the sheriff’s office? I can’t read worth a lick.
Well, when Sheriff Cole come in, he found me hiding under his desk and pulled his six shooter wantin’ to shoot me, I was scared witless. I tried doin’ tricks for him, but he was madder than a wet hen at me for eatin’ his lunch.
He done tried to get me outta the office with a broom first. He promised me lots of things if I left. But there was somthin’ about the man that I took a likin’ to. So, no sirreee, I didn’t want to leave. ‘Sides, that food was real good. Maybe I’d get some more.
Again he said he was a gonna shoot me, but when that there pretty Mattie gal come in the office, she put a stop to his foolishness. *I could tell, she sure jingled his spurs.*And, she liked me. She picked me up, held me, cuddled me, and they took off my awful collar. Mattie said she took a shine to men who had pets. *Ha. That sure ‘nuff  put Cole on the spot.* I was so grateful, I sure wasn’t leavin’ this nice place.
I found me a new home there, though I’m not so sure Cole ‘preciated the fact. He called me, “A Heap of Trouble.”
Lookin’ back, guess he was right. But we got to be good friends anyhows.
So, until we really meet, here’s a couple short stories by my author you might take a likin’ to.
Thanks again, Ginger. Want to cuddle a bit? I like to cuddle up with pretty gals.

Last Dance.
Bren is in love with a troubled boy and she hopes he asks her to the prom. The most popular girl in school, Jean, plays on Rip’s troubled soul. Does Bren get revenge?
Wild Blackberries
Morgan is researching on an Indian reservation in Prescott, Arizona for her new paranormal novel. She doesn’t believe in the paranormal, but writes it for the trend and the nice royalties. That is until her soon to be divorced husband tries to kill her, and she survives by her wits and a little “strange” help.

Lorrie lives in West Mifflin, PA, thirty minutes from downtown Pittsburgh. She lives at home with her husband and her favorite toy—a computer.
    She writes in many genres so you never know what she will come out with next. She never wants to bore her readers and enjoys the thrill of entertaining them by writing a good story.
For more of her stories, visit her site at


Marva Dasef said...

I'm happy that Lorrie's letting Beggar out to tell his story. I had the pleasure of reading A Heap of Trouble in the early drafts. I know everybody will love Beggar from the get go.

Cate Masters said...

Beggar's such a mischievous little urchin! But cute and lovable. I loved A Heap of Trouble, Lorrie, and am so happy others will get to read it now too. Congrats!

Lorrie said...

Thanks Cate,

And Beggar's mighty happy you stopped by. He'd like to meet all my friends today.

See,he's doing a summersault just for you. Now you have to clap for him.

Everyone that stops by, he'll do a trick, so don't forget to clap.

Don't throw coins at him though, he's such a beggar.

Margaret West said...

I loved this book. I had the pleasure of being Lorrie's CP for it. I knew it would do well. You've got to love Begger, the cheeky monkey lol

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Beggar, you little rascal! You done stole my heart!

I can't say enough good things about this book. I was privileged to be Lorrie's editor, and I loved it! It's an amazing tale, filled with humor, warmth, suspense and just downright good storytellin'.

*claps for Beggar*

*hugs to Lorrie*

Beggar's always in a heap of trouble lol

Tabitha Shay said...

Aww, I just fell in love with a wascally critter. Loved Beggar...big claps for the little guy. Best of luck, Lorrie. Tabs

Anonymous said...


lionmother said...

Really enjoyed meeting Beggar, Lorrie. It sounds like he can stir up a lot of mischief and the other characters will have to watch out for him.:)

Lorrie said...

Thank you ladies. Hey Julie, scratch beggar under the chin like you always do. I know you like the little guy. He likes you too, thinks you did a great job on the edits.

No, it wasn't hard putting Beggar into the story. I had such fun with him. Although, rest assured, this wild tale in not written from Beggar's POV. It's all Sheriff Cole Walker's POV. We have thieves, cattle rustlers, and Mattie, Cole's love interest that is the most stubborn woman he's ever known.
It's different, I can say that.

BK said...

I love Beggar! I'm already *clapping* Congrats Lorrie!


Frances Macias Mossman said...

"Heap of Trouble" is a fun read - a wonderful mix of adventure, comedy, and what western would be complete without a little Romance -Lorrie does a great job bringing it all together with a great touch of whimsy in the character of "Beggar."

maria altobelli said...

Geez Louise, Lorrie. The characters you have up your sleeves just waiting to shake them loose. Wow. A monkey in a Western with a mix of thieves, cattle rustlers, and a love interest. How can you go wrong? Sounds like a hoot.

Darla said...

I too have had the pleasure of reading this one early. Lorrie, you have an amazing way of bringing each character to life with their own whimsical qualities. So readers won't just fall in love with Beggar, they'll fall in love with every character.
*Claps for Beggar*
Congrats on another great novella, Lorrie.

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