Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ginger's Six Sentence Sunday

Since my site seemed to pick up interest with my time-travel, Sisters in Time, today I'm switching gears to my current WIP, Hattie's Hero which started as a western historical but has shockingly become another time-travel romance.  I'll be adding snippets as I create the story, so hopefully SSS will inspire me to hurry up and finish. As a "pantser", I'm discovering Hattie to be the hardest heroine I've worked with yet, so I appreciate your visit and comments.  Don't forget to go back to SSS and visit other sites where you'll find some great shares.

Set Up:  Planning to leave the orphanage, Hattie stands with a valise in hand and surveys the room filled with sleeping children.  Her heart's heavy, but as the oldest orphan there, it's time for her to begin new memories.

Here's my six from the opening chapter:

She [Hattie] had no recollection of life before coming to the orphanage and very few pleasant memories. The meager belongings she’d packed consisted of a second gray smock identical to the one she wore, another pair of stockings, well-worn pantalets, and a chemise yellowed with age. The only shoes she owned were on her feet. She stared down at the scuffed toes and sighed. The paper thin soles provided little protection, and she’d mended one of the laces by knotting the break. Would she ever own a pair that hadn’t been worn by someone else?

Thanks for coming by, and I hope you'll be back with encouragement to forge on with Hattie's journey and what lies ahead for her.


Paula Martin said...

A great word picture of Hattie. We can see her and also feel what she's feeling. Great six!

Sherry Gloag said...

Very strong and very visual. Great six.

D'Ann said...

powerful! Love it. I more, please.

sue said...

what period is this? time to make new memories - nice - poor thing I feel for her

Sue Ann Bowling said...

Really gets us into her POV. Don't you love/hate it when a story goes somewhere you didn't intend at all?

Cate Masters said...

Poor Hattie - glad to hear it's a time travel and she can get away from this life! Great six.

Elaine Cantrell said...

Maybe Hattie will do better when she time travels. You painted a compelling picture of her.

Alix Cameron said...

Great six.

gemma parkes said...

Wonderful imagery, l can see her standing there, bless her!

diannehartsock said...

I hope things pick up for her. This made me sad.

Gayle said...

Aw, great snippet. My stories end up incorporating time travel, too. :-)

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