Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm baaackkk!

Wow, that was a fun trip, although short in some ways and long in others.  For those who didn't know, hubby and I flew to So. Cal to visit my mom and also enjoy a mini-reunion of folks who grew up with me and attended my same high school.  As much as I hate to admit, next year will be the official 50th year passed since that memorable day of graduation, and I think the one thing we all shared in common at our luncheon was the fact that none of us can believe we're sixty-six-years old.

The long part of the trip came when I had a "panic" attack and decided I didn't want to fly home.  Instead, we kept our rental car and drove.  I could have been home in five hours, instead I elected a thirty-six hour trip because I'm a big ol' wuss.  :)  The plane trip to California was bumpy, uncomfortable, and seemed endless, and I think the worst thing for me is the confinement that makes my claustrophobia surface.  I'm so lucky I have an understanding and patient husband.  The good news is I now have a credit I can apply to another trip...perhaps Kelly can go visit his mom.  :)

It's always fun to compare wrinkles with my female classmates, so here's a few photos to attest to the fact that I have some to share:

The female classmates

All classmates who came, including two brave guys

Me signing books for my friends.  Looks like I was thirsty!
It's always nice to travel, but even nicer to come home.  I loved spending time with my friends, and now it's their turn to come to Tennessee.  I came away with an invite to Mexico and Alaska and I might get brave enough to take my hostesss' up on their offers.

We also had a wonderful visit with my mother, brother and his wife and a scrumptious dinner at Northwood's Inn. Also got to see my friend, Leta, grandmother to Ryan Sheckler.  I gave her a book, hoping he might hold one and take a picture.  A few years back, I featured a picture of him that she'd sent me, and to this day, that page continues to be the one that gets the most views.  Hey...everyone...I'm sort of Ryan's aunt.  *lol*  Stay tune for a Ryan feature again.
 I couldn't believe how much the price of food and gas are in California.  I might shed one of those chins you see in the picture above if I stayed there long enough.  *lol*


Joan Hall Hovey said...

So glad you have a reunion with your family, Ginger. Great photos; I don't blame you for not flying. Not fond of it either.

Good writeup.


Joan Hall Hovey said...

that should be 'had'. My grammar's not that bad.
Happy you're back safe and sound.

Kayelle Allen said...

That was a fun read. What's up with all the soda? LOL! Glad you made it back safe and sound.

Thatsnews said...

My first flight -ever- was last September. From England to San Francisco via Frankfurt. I was worried I wouldn't like it. But 20 seconds into the connecting flight to Frankfurt I thought: "Wow! This is GREAT!"

I left the UK at 9.30am and got to California at 4pm the same day. After flying over night. I think. It was nearly a polar flight, we went over Iceland and Greenland, then over Canada and down the wEst Coast.

hotcha12 said...



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