Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Excerpt ~ Whispering Sun by Rita Karnopp

    Below I've shared with you a few paragraphs of the opening chapter of Whispering Sun. I hope you enjoy it.
    I'm looking forward to interviewing and introducing you to several of my friends . . . . super writers that I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know ~ and if you haven't read their books, perhaps you will be excited to do so in the future.

Chapter One

     Dirk sat straight in the saddle, face stretched to the sky absorbing the sun. He scanned the vast valley below. A few scrub trees competed with the brush for a haven from the relentless Montana wind. The brisk, spring air held a hint of warmth that promised the coming of summer.
     Movement caught his attention. Stretching up in the stirrups, Dirk observed the rider with interest. Astride a frisky horse, Sarah raced across the open valley, as though both sought to satisfy a need for freedom.
     The striking, black mare stumbled. Helpless from a distance, Dirk watched Sarah clutch aimlessly at nothing.
     He urged his mount down the rugged embankment, then across the wide stretch of open country. His boots touched the ground the moment his horse skidded to a stop. Rushing to the upheaval of motionless petticoats, his heart hammered in fear.
     Dropping to his knees, Dirk gently pulled Sarah onto his lap. He held her against his chest, gentle and protective.
     "Let me die," she whimpered.
     Dirk barely heard her words. He wished he hadn't. Gazing down at the young woman, her beauty left him breathless. Succumbing to temptation, he wound a long, golden curl around his fingertips. The silkiness made him shudder with longing.
     With reluctance, he lowered her back onto the thick, new grass. He feared she couldn't escape injury from so violent a fall.
     With knowing hands, he touched, pressed, and probed every inch of Sarah's slender body. So many times he'd watched his father do the same for bronc busters. Dirk's thoughts drifted back to the beautiful picture she'd made, racing across the plush, green valley of spring grass. The wind tugged at her waist-length hair, lifting it free to wave behind her like a golden banner.
     He'd watched Sarah come and go for the past two months. She wasn't the reason he observed the activities outside Fort Bryson, but she'd fast become an obsession, haunting his days and nights.

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