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First I'd like to say 'hi' and thanks for allowing me join you at 'Dishin' It Out.'  It's an honor to join Ginger, and all of you here.  I hope you'll find that I'm a fun, entertaining, and a surprisingly wonderful addition.  :) Rita Karnopp
      I guess one of the best ways to get to know me is through my writing. This past month Books We Love published Whispering Sun and you may find it by clicking on the 'link'

I believe Whispering Sun is off to a great start and was listed as #11 of Amazon's Top 20 Free downloads the first week it released. Please watch for 'in-print' for this book in the next month or so.  I've included a few current reviews from  
      This is the first Indian historical that I wrote . . . and that makes it very special to me.  When pitching the book to an editor over fifteen years ago, she highly suggested that my deaf heroine, though intriguing, would be more effective if she regained her hearing early in the story.  I gave that serious consideration . . . and knew that if I made that decision, I'd have to rewrite nearly the whole book.  I hope you enjoy how I handled that very 'delicate' part of Whispering Sun's story.

Blurb ~ New Territory of Montana 1863. Sarah Bryson’s silent world is destroyed when her so-called fiancé has her kidnapped to prevent his discovery as a gun-runner. After surviving a massacre, she is rescued by Blackfeet warrior, Two Shadows. But in order to reach the safety of his village, they must confront wild animals, ruthless mountain men, treacherous mountain storms, and Crow Indians bent on revenge.
     Sarah seeks her true identity as a woman. Two Shadows’ struggles with loyalties divided between his love for a white woman and his devotion to his tribe. Whispering Sun captures a time when the Blackfeet are forced to see their way of life disappear. It’s a story where it’s possible for a white woman to decide she belongs with a loving people and a Blackfeet warrior. It’s a story that shows how a half-breed can choose an alliance and find his place in a colliding world. 

Review ~ ... a creative and enduring tale of trials and tribulations that are, oh, too real, and leave an overwhelming impact on the reader. From betrayal, to finding love, she has written a masterpiece that is hard to put down. 4 Cups!---Coffee Time Romance 

Review ~ Rita Karnopp has composed both a creative and enduring tale of trials and tribulations that are, oh, too real, and leave an overwhelming impact on the reader. From betrayal, to finding love, she has written a masterpiece that is hard to put down.  Cherokee, 4 Cups!---Coffee Time Romance

a must readMarch 28, 2012
avid reader -  This review is from: Whispering Sun (Kindle Edition) 
I always like romances involving Native Americans, but this is one of the best I have ever read! Very realistic and moving. I highly recommend.
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved it from the first page!March 30, 2012
love2read - This review is from: Whispering Sun (Kindle Edition)
I found the book captivating from the very beginning. The author drew me in enough that when I would stop reading, I was surprised to look up and see my own surroundings. I expected to see the characters and the setting of the book. Very well done. I will certainly pick up more of her books.
5.0 out of 5 stars Whispering SunMarch 17, 2012
Camille S - This review is from: Whispering Sun (Kindle Edition)
Absolutely loved this romance story situated in the old West. Whispering Sun is the name given to a lonely beautiful girl growing up in the Fort commanded by her father. She has a history within her family that results in her being mistreated by her parents. Her life has many twists that involves the reader in a complex story of tragedy, romance and life in an Indian Village. I was totally captivated by this story and found it near impossible to put down. It would have been read in one sitting if I had the time. The author's (Rita Karnopp) knowledge of life in the old West, and Indian customs amazes me. This is a book well worth reading.

It's exciting to be writing again. Tomorrow I'll blog a bit about how I started writing and why I recently took a two-year break . . . and am back again, writing with a passion.
     Just to share a bit . . . my Gema (a Cockapoo) loves to sit across the back of my shoulders and look out the window while I'm writing. She'd sit there all day if I'd let her . . . and even though she is only ten pounds - she does get a bit heavy after a while and I need to put her down ... or on the window sill, where she is perfectly happy, also. She is two and a half . . . and the smallest love of my life. :)

 Please feel free to make suggestions on what you'd like to hear about me . . . or subjects you'd like me to address.  I'm always opened to comments . . . 

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Wow, sounds like a fast paced adventure, plus a romance.

You received some great interviews. I'm looking forward to reading this one and it is on my TBB list.

Thanks for posting.

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