Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's All About Me

As promised, I will share a bit on how I became a writer.  At a very young age I crawled each night into a single bed with my four siblings.  It wasn’t an easy thing to fall asleep with our parents loudly fighting downstairs. It was then, when I was barely nine years old, that I started thinking of stories in my mind . . . to take me away from the way things truly were. It was an escape that became my companion for years to come.
     I first starting writing children’s stories when our daughter was almost five and our son two. The joy and satisfaction it brought couldn’t be bought. But the genre’ was saturated in the market at that time.  A dear writer friend suggested I try writing what I loved to read.  That was easy . . . nothing was more exciting or ‘took me away from it all’ more than Indian historical romances.  I loved reading Dana FullerRoss, Kathleen Eagle, Rosanne Bitner, Cassie Edwards, and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss . . . and the list goes on.  I couldn’t get enough.
      That was when I wrote my first Indian historical, Whispering Sun, on a Selectric IBM typewriter. The world of writing books has come a long way since those first days. Since then I’ve written two more Indian historical romances; Ransom Love, and Wind Song.
      With the sway of the market heading toward suspense, I wrote Sacred Ground, Revenge, Dark Spirit, and Kidnapped. Reaching out to a grittier suspense, I then wrote the thriller Atonement. My best friend and sister loved this look and told me often it would be the book that opened many doors for me.  I then started writing No Ordinary Killer . . . but stopped.
      I lost my sister to throat cancer two and a half years ago. I knew she wanted me to keep writing . . . but I found it hard to concentrate. I needed the support and encouragement she always gave me. She had confidence in my writing and me, and that kept me going. I missed her. I somehow had associated my writing with her . . . and she was gone. Six months ago I ran across the ‘review’ Diane had written for Atonement. It was like she tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Get going . . . what are you waiting for? You have more books to write.” This is her review.
 I love a jolting suspense and Atonement is a nail-biting, air-gasping page-turner.  An avid reader of thrilling suspense, I found Rita Karnopp’s ability to take me into the mind of the serial killer totally believable and chilling.  I struggled to put the book down.  She’s turned it up a notch with this one and it’s my favorite of her books – so far.  – Review by Diane Davis ~ Davis Creative Media

Her ‘footnote’ to me ~ “Keep writing them, sis.  I’m so proud of you.”     
      Within months I finished No Ordinary Killer.  I was then inspired to write White Berry on the Red Willow, my 2054 futuristic Native American book, that is so different, I even surprised myself. I’ll be finishing this month another Indian Historical, Destiny’s Shadow.
     For years Diane and I discussed my story about a gypsy girl in the Resistance during the Holocaust. I’m very excited to get started on Tango of Death (Tango Fun Toyt) next. I’m considering a trilogy . . . so be prepared.
      The good news is that Books We Love is going to publish all the books I’ve talked about above. . . and more!  I’ll keep you informed  . . . and it’s my greatest wish is that my Romancing the West books can ‘take you away from it all.’

 A little share here . . .  this picture of an unfriendly critter was taken out of my Jeep window.  Nope, I never put my foot on the ground.  Yes, it was alive . . . but you might notice it is a bit flat to the back . . . a car or truck had run over it.  This fella is a Prairie Rattlesnake and believe me - I truly run in the other direction when I see one!
   This was taken on our way up to our gold claim "Gema 1" in Confederate Gulch. 

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