Friday, April 13, 2012

Rita’s Lucky 7 MeMe

     Wouldn’t you know it . . . Ginger emailed me with her ‘buttering-up’ way of making me feel great by telling me I’m one of her top seven favorite historical authors. What can I say to that… other than ‘sure’ I’d be happy to play the ‘Lucy 7 MeMe’…. So below is list of my favorite historical authors ~ know Ginger would have been on my list . . . but she was already tagged …the sneaker bugger!
Rita’s Lucky 7 MeMe
     “I can’t see the need to have some lady come and teach me these things. I talk just fine. You and everyone else can understand my meanin’ so where’s the problem? I ain’t fond of schoolin’ and I sure knows how to eat. This whole thing is a waste of time.”
     “I don’t care to debate it further, Laura,” his tone was stern and unmoving.
     “Tarnation! You’re a mighty stubborn and curious man, Gerhard Rolston.”
     “How many times do I have to tell you, from now on you are to call me father?”
     “I’ve said my piece about the subject and it ain’t awful hard to understand. I’ve called Daniel Hewett my father for sixteen years. I loved him very much. I ain’t suddenly gonna start calling you father. You’ll have to give me a spell ta get use to things.”
     Now I have to name seven of my favorite historical authors. Hmmm, this will be hard because I have so many and Ginger stole a couple of them . . . as did some of my other writer friends. So I have to confess ~ I have a list of five to share with you. They are fabulous writers and if you haven’t checked them out ~ please do so, you won’t be disappointed.
     1. Lynn Connolly
     2. Maddie James
     3. Kat Martin
     4. Juliet Waldron
     5. Beth Williamson
     As Ginger commented ~ now comes the hard part . . . or maybe it’s not so hard. Writers are proud and happy to share their work. Requests like these are time-consuming, yet an honor.

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