Tuesday, June 19, 2012


     9. If you think you have it bad  ~ When my sister was dying of throat cancer, I would have thought she would complain and say ‘why me’ etc. Instead, she talked about living life. She said when she was waiting for her treatments she realized for blessed she was, so many were worse off than her. We can spend our life complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves . . . or we can always see how blessed we are – and know there are others who are having a far greater challenge or tough time than us. My sister was such an inspiration – and still is, even though we lost her to cancer two years ago. Her attitude still remains with me . . . how great is that?
     10. The joy of life around us  ~ I think attitude fades when we get bored. We get into a rut and it pales in comparison to let’s say a vacation. We need to remind ourselves there is joy in everyday life. See the blessings we have such as a lovely home, family, friends, a job, perhaps a loving pet, and don’t forget sunshine, trees, flowers, mountains, streams, etc. See . . . how can we not feel great about life when it surrounds us with joy?
     11. We have joys to look forward to ~ Do you ever roll your eyes upward when someone says, “You have just one life to live so go for the gusto.” Well, did it occur to you they are right? Not every day is a 100% got get ‘em days. But your attitude about the day and your future show in the way you walk in the office doors. Maybe it’s not your ‘dream job’ but – listen, you are truly blessed to have a job. Humility and gratefulness goes a long way. Try a little positive attitude and apply it to today, next week, next month, and yes, even next year. Make a play for your life, and now you have direction – you just might get there with a plan!
     12. Again – attitude is a choice ~ Nothing – and I mean nothing, frustrates me more than someone saying, “ugh, I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” Yep, sounds like they’re going to have a great day, huh? All I have to say about that is, attitude is a decision. Choose to change that negative way you feel now – so the rest of your day can be great. When you realize you’re down – or things just don’t seem to be going great – you can make a conscious effort to change it – you’re in charge of your attitude. Change it!
     13. Some need a sad or reflective day ~ Okay, I respect those people who say they need that quiet, moody time now and then. Everyone is different, but my advice her is don’t make a habit of wallowing in those dark days – choose to lighten things up and see the good, not the bad. Have an off-day – but choose the on-day! Soon you will see the difference and how it affects you and those around you.
     14. Positive attitude reminders ~ There are so many ways to remind yourself . . . affirm those positive attitude feelings. There are cards, you can make your own card. There are plaques’ for the wall or pictures with positive comments. If you want a better attitude – finds says to create it - get specific, plan your work, and work your plan… by giving it attitude that works.
     15. Share that attitude ~ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked, “Are you always in a good mood?” I always answer, “Yes, I always choose to be in a good mood.  Attitude is a choice.” That impresses people . . . and it should. It impressed me when I met my first truly positive attitude person. I told myself, “I want to have her attitude and positive personality.” I asked her about it . . . and she shared the theory of ‘positive self-talk.’ That changed my life. If you choose – it will change your attitude and life too.
     16. Be the optimist ~ How can you see the glass half empty . . . when it’s truly half full. We need to reflect and see the positive we have in our own life. Be that example so other will ask you, ‘Are you always in a good mood?’ The first time it happened to me – I nearly cried. I am so proud that I have a great attitude. I feel even better when I can share that feeling and how to feel this way with others. I hope these tips will help you choose to have great attitude – each and every day . . . just remember ‘attitude is a choice.’


Roseanne Dowell said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing. And what a wonderful attitude. Now if I can just do even half the things you talked about.

Rita Karnopp said...

Thank you, Roseanne. Concentrate on your favorite ... and do just one... you'll feel so good, then add another... smile! Rita

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