Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dylan Edward is here!

I just have to share I'm a new grandma!  I went to my daughter's new house to help her move in.  She was due to have her baby the 27th of this month . . . but to make things very difficult . . . 
     She was heading for the bathroom in the middle of the night . . . she stepped on their dog... he attacked her foot and tore it open.  They rushed her to the ER ... and shockingly, they did not clean it out, they just stapled it shut.  Yep, you guessed it... nine days later it became infected, her foot was purple and numb... and nearly lost the foot.. . she was rushed to a wound specialist.  They had to tear open the wounds... cut all the dead skin away.  Put her on major antibiotics... she missed almost two months of work.  Yep... plus she was in pain. Had to elevate her foot above her heart. She was on crutches for over a month and is now in a wheelchair. 
     I went to help them get their trailer ready for sale, two weeks later after it sold, I went and helped pack them up and scrub the trailer down before leaving. They left and stayed 14 days with friends, waiting for their house deal to go through.  They had to board two dogs and a cat for 14 days... to the tune of $550!!  What next, you ask?
     The house deal went through last week Wednesday... so I rushed down to scrub and unpack them.  I promised my daughter she'd be moved into her new house before Dylan arrived.  
     Three days later she started labor around 10:00-pm .... I had two C-sections, I know nothing about labor or birthing!! yikes!  There I was saying, "Breath, calm, blow it out slow."  What the heck was I saying?  I had no idea...but it sounded right???  There I was driving her to the hospital....she had intensive back labor... none I have seen the likes of.... 
     They sent us home... and no sooner got there and her water broke... hubby rushed her back to the hospital... I followed in my car.  She could barely make it to the wheelchair.... crutches were useless and her pain was unbelievable.
     Nine hours later (to make the story short-- shorter) She bravely delivered a very healthy baby boy . . . the most gorgeous, healthy grandson I could pray for.
     She just saw the wound specialist and they had to cut more dead skin away from the wound.  She is still is in a wheelchair and has to elevate the foot .... OMG... I feel so bad for her.  She can hardly wheel to the bathroom without help!  
     So . . .that is why you haven't heard much from me this past week... and you won't hear from me all this next week --I'll be helping them....hopefully her hubby's mom can come help out the following week - and then we pray she can start stepping on her foot.  
     So ... please keep us in your prayers . . . we are doing great . . . and things will only get better as time helps her heal. Thank you in advance for your prayers.  :) Rita



Unknown said...

Wow! Very eventful! Feel so bad for everything she is going through, but so happy that she has a healthy, handsome baby.

Congrats Grandma!

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Rita Karnopp said...

Thanks, Michelle . . . some day she'll look back at it and laugh... won't be for some time, I'm sure! ... love your book cover for Concilium. Congratulations! :) Rita

Unknown said...

While I feel sorry for what you've gone through as Mom...all the scrubbing and rushing, I really feel bad for your daughter. Please give her a hug from me. She really deserves the gold medal here, and hopefully when she looks into that darling baby's face, she'll forget all the pain. Congratulations all around. There's nothing like a new grandchild.

Regan Black said...

Congratulations on the new grandson! And best wishes for a speedy recovery for the new mom!

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