Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome Diane Scott Lewis

Since I've been camping all week, I welcome Diane's offer to share a bit of humor...although it might just be painfully true.  So, please welcome Diane Scott Lewis, a fabulous historical author and great friend...

If a real estate agent acted like a literary agent:
I’m in the middle of trying to sell my house in this down market, and after fourteen years of trying to place a book with an agent, I wondered what if real estate agents acted like literary agents. It might go something like below:
No, I can’t sell your house because I have too many houses just like it to sell already. Houses that look like yours are difficult to sell right now. You have too many people living in your house, and it’s on a street and built in an era I don’t like.  You have never had a house up for sale before, so I’m leery about working with you. Your house is too big and the property meanders all over the place. Buyers might get confused by the many levels and overall concept of your house. After viewing your house, I just didn’t love it enough to offer representation.
Real estate form letter:
Dear Seller: Thank you for submitting your house to our agency. Unfortunately, we will not be able to take on your property at this time. The market is competitive and your house does not look like something I could sell. Another realtor might feel different. Good luck with placing your property. Sincerely, Agent.

To learn more about Diane Scott Lewis’ writings, a free short story and information on her historical novels, please visit her website:


Anita Davison said...

Nicy wry humour, Diane, which shows the illogical outlook, and standard language of literary agents very well. Not that I'm cynical - my agent is lovely [are you reading this Kate?]

Diane Scott Lewis said...

Thanks, Anita; and thank you, Ginger, for hosting me today. I've always thought that literary agents should work for writers instead of the other way around...but that's just me!

Skyewriter said...

I'm smiling at the wit, but the reality is a lot harder to accept. Thanks for putting a fun spin on an old frustration.

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