Thursday, July 19, 2012


"Dishin' It Out": YOUR ATTITUDE IS YOUR CHOICE:      Your attitude is your choice.   We can blame circumstances for our attitude. We can blame the actions of others for our attitude. We...


Lorrie said...

The attitude we wish to carry around with us all day, despite the curves thrown at us, is not always easy to stay positive.

I'd love to determine and set my attitude, but alas, I'm a bouncer. I'm up and saying, I intend of having a good day today, I feel motivated.
Then along comes the slap in the face (not very often) that undermines my determination.

Very good post, Rita. And good advice. Thanks for posting.

Rita Karnopp said...

Lorrie . . . thank you .... you're so right - there are times it seems possible to find a reason to 'stay positive!'

Those attitude depressors are so good at what they do. They love misery and everyone to be down in the gutter complaining and spreading discontent day-in and day-out!

Oh... I think we all have the right to make a comment - explain what is wrong and voice discontent... so Ginger your article below was fantastic! It wasn't meant to depress - it was an issue we all could relate to.

But those that 'undermine my determination' ... as you put so well are the sneaky people we need to steer clear of. It's our responsibility to ourselves not to let them drag us down with them.

I'm dealing with that right now at work - and it's not hard, especially if you have to work with these people. Stay positive and happy -- it's your choice - no matter how much crap they dish out ... guess what ?? It will drive them nuts! Rita

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