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Western Roundup Event - Ginger Simpson's Up

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Welcome to the Western Roundup Giveaway Hop.  I'm so delighted to be one of the many participants, and I think I speak for my co-blogger, Rita, when I say that western romances are among our favorite genres to write.  During this blog hop, we'll be sharing some of our pertinent work with you, and I'm going to start off today with my debut western historical romance, Prairie Peace, which as "debut" indicates, was my foot in the door of becoming a published author.  I loved the story then, and I love it now, and I was thrilled beyond belief when my very first novel earned a 4-star review from the Romantic Times Magazine.  Back then, they were very tough on e-book authors, and I had an upset stomach until my review actually came through, then I happy danced for a week.  *smile*
This blog event is all about featuring books about Cowboys, but in this story, you also get an Indian Hero.  :)

My impetus for making western historical my primary and favorite genre comes from years of being "fed" a steady diet of TV westerns and reading everything published by Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was in grammar school.  As an adult, my reading passion turned to everything written by Madeline Baker and other western historical authors who, through their amazing "showing" talents, put me into the story and let me walk in the heroines shoes.  I think I managed, with the help of my first editor, to turn my own story telling skills into the showing of an entertaining novel.  I hope you agree.

 In the 1860's, Cecile Palmer is the envy of the single girls of Spring City and the object of every young man's fancy-until she experiences love at first sight. She meets and weds Walt Williams in less than a week. The newlyweds journey to her husband's newly-purchased ranch and a life for which this naive and pampered only child is ill-equipped. A series of events turns her life upside-down. An injured Indian brave stumbles into her doorway while her husband is away. Destiny changes Cecile's life in a way she could never have imagined. She discovers she's pregnant, and when her husband doesn't return with supplies, Lone Eagle offers to take her to winter with his people. She accepts his offer, knowing her chance of surviving on her own is not good. Then a trader comes to the village with evidence Walt may still be alive. Cecile now faces a difficult decision. Self-sacrifice, betrayal and lasting love lay on the rocky road ahead.

Here's an excerpt:

As if sensing her uneasiness, Lone Eagle urged his horse closer and patted her hand.  The entire village came alive, and much to her chagrin, clamored around their horses.  Smiles greeted Lone Eagle, as the people pushed closer, curious to see who rode with him.  She followed his lead, maneuvering her mount through a sea of bodies, while strange hands reached up and tugged at her clothing.  The men viewed her with open curiosity, but the women's hostile stares made her want to spur her horse in the other direction.  As the mob continued to press forward, blocking her path, Lone Eagle took her animal's reins and led her through the crowd.  She sat firmly in the saddle, holding her breath, fighting the panic building inside her.

At the chief's tepee, the masses parted and allowed Lone Eagle to dismount.  Frozen in place, she trained her gaze forward, fearing to look down into the strange faces still surrounding and picking at her.

Next to a distant tepee, apart from the rest of the crowd, one woman stood with arms folded in a domineering stance.  Her coal-black eyes locked in a bone-chilling stare with Cecile's, issuing a silent challenge.

You can find this book along with all my other work on my Amazon page.  To visit the other blog participants, click here for the list of urls.

On the 26th, both Rita Karnopp and I will select a winner to receive their choice of any of the books we've featured during this event.  Hope you'll continue to come back and enter a comment, and don't forget to at least check back at the end of the day on the 26th to see who we announce in the comment's section as our winners.  Two authors, two winners...several choices.  *lol*


Rita Karnopp said...

Oh... Prairie Peace ... I have it ... and can't wait to read it!! I've been meaning to read it for years ... what was I waiting for!! Oh yeh... been busy writing. Okay... so now I promise it will read Prairie Peace before the end of 2012! woo hoo ... I love setting goals! I'm so happy for you ... I know about those books that as something extra special! Happy for you girlfriend, Rita

Cyndee said...

I would like a copy of Prairie Peace. Thank you for this chance to win a copy of your book Rita!This Hop is awesome. I shared on FB.
Thank you!
Cyndee Thomas

Michelle said...

Thank you for this giveaway.
I like stories that pull the reader in.
As a child I watched Westerns with my dad & `Little House` with my mom.

Michelle said...

I forgot to leave my e-mail addy...

Kelly said...

Thank you for the giveaway...This sounds great and I would love to win a copy..

MK McClintock said...

Thank you for joining the hop Ginger! Your new book sounds like a great read and I hope everyone here gets a chance to read it!

desitheblonde said...

the book cover is great and then the info is interesting
and would love to og on it for you
desi the blonde at msn dot com

RILEKAT said...

Thanks for the contest - sounds like a great read.
rilekat at gmail dot com

cheralyn said...

Prairie Peace sounds great. Thanks for the chance to win it! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Teresa Thompson said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sylvia Ney said...

I'd love to win! Thanks for the giveaway.


Ruth said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

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