Monday, July 16, 2012

Whispering Sun ~ now available in print!

I apologize for being absent for so long.  As I shared with with some time back, my daughter had a healthy baby boy, Dylan . . . we are so grateful God has blessed us so.  Our daughter's foot is also doing much better after the dog bite, and it's 50% healed.  She is still seeing the wound specialist - and her doctor is still cutting away dead skin to allow new skin to heal from the inside.  I would not wish anything like this on anyone!  She is now off crutches and the wheel chair and is finally walking on the foot (or should I say limping)... but we are grateful for this giant step forward. (pun intended)  :)  Thank you all for your happy wishes on my new grandson - - and for the well wishes to my daughter.  :)  
     I am sort-of back.  I will be out of town Monday - Thursday of this week for work.  So if I don't respond to your comments - please don't take it personal . . . I love comments . . . and it means a lot to me to read them . . . as well as be a part of this wonderful group of Dishin' It Out.'  Thank you for allowing me to be here with you.

     As a multi-published Montana author, I’m proud to announce my book Whispering Sun is now available in print. Check me out at and at
     Whispering Sun ~ New Territory of Montana 1863 ~ Sarah Bryson’s silent world is destroyed when her so-called fiancé has her kidnapped to prevent his discovery as a gun-runner. After surviving a massacre, she is rescued by Blackfeet warrior, Two Shadows. But in order to reach the safety of his village, they must confront wild animals, ruthless mountain men, treacherous mountain storms, and Crow Indians bent on revenge.
     Sarah seeks her true identity as a woman. Two Shadows’ struggles with loyalties divided between his love for a white woman and his devotion to his tribe. Whispering Sun captures a time when the Blackfeet are forced to see their way of life disappear. It’s a story where it’s possible for a white woman to decide she belongs with a loving people and a Blackfeet warrior. It’s a story that shows how a half-breed can choose an alliance and find his place in a colliding world.
     ~ Review~ Rita Karnopp has composed both a creative and enduring tale of trials and tribulations that are, oh, too real, and leave an overwhelming impact on the reader. From betrayal, to finding love, she has written a masterpiece that is hard to put down. ~Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance


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