Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Never miss an opportunity - -by Rita

     It used to bother me when people ‘insinuated’ that I talk too much.  I’m an extrovert!  Helllooooo!!  Well, if you know exactly what I mean . . . in ways that hurts.  But I’ll tell you what . . . most the time I talk … because no one else is talking!  Really – don’t you find it awkward when people are all quiet . . . looking around …not really at anyone . . . and they don’t know what to say???  
     Okay – I’m sorry but that makes me sooooo UNCOMFORTABLE!  I have to say something! Anything!  Help … PLEASE!  There is always something to talk about!  Even with a stranger . . . like, “Do you like to read?”  That is a good opener … and if they say one word, “Yes,” then I continue.  “What genre or type of books do you like to read?” “What was the last book you read?”
     I’m not pushy with, “Great . . . I’m a writer.  Here’s one of my cards… look me up!” Although that works in grocery store lines or with the checkout girl.
     “What? You don’t do that?”  Boy, I sure do!  I ask the, “Are you a reader?” to the waitress, the person sitting next to me at a party, or waiting in line at the bathroom, or the teacher, or the wait in line at the fast-food, etc.  I just handed out two postcards with my book info on them to ladies at the post office.  They were so happy – and so was I   I never miss an opportunity. 
     Does it really help?  I don’t really know – but it truly can’t hurt!  When I pay my bills – guess what – it’s an opportunity to drop in a writer business card … or a slip of paper that announces my latest release, a picture of the book, short blurb and a web site to both my publisher and me! 
     Give your friends and family cards . . . in case they start talking about books – and they comment, oh my mother/father, or sister/brother, or friend, is a writer!  Here I happen to have her/his card.  J  My husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and several friends have my cards; and it’s amazing how many times they comment – “Oh, I gave so & so one of your writing cards today.” It all adds up!   
     Never miss an opportunity to encourage people to look at your books! 

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