Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sarah's Heart & Sarah's Passion - Incredible Reads

Rita says, "Okay - so it's not my day to blog  . . . fire me!"  I did that so you know who is blogging this!  :)  This is one article I'm bursting to share!  It's 100% honest and I couldn't be happier to love these two books!   

I just finished reading Sarah’s Heart by incredible author, Ginger Simpson.  I love a good western and I love even more when the heroine, Sarah in this case, is saved by a half-breed Indian, Wolf, and they fall helplessly in love. I won’t give the ending away – but this book took me on a journey that stepped right out of the 1800s. It’s believable and very well written. I laughed and cried with Sarah. And Wolf – he’s my kind of hero, strong, honest, and more desirable than he has a right to be.  I loved the ending -  and it left me wanting more!

That’s when I read Sarah’s Passion, the novella following the wonderful Sarah’s Heart.  Ginger Simpson gave me a real surprise when I started reading – finding myself – not in the 1800s as I expected, but right here in today! What? Oh, I can’t say – I hate it when people give plots and endings away.  I love to be surprised – you must read both Sarah’s Heart and then Sarah’s Passion – they are fabulously written . . . and will make you turn those pages almost faster than you can read! Bravo Ginger Simpson – you’ve proven yourself to be one of my favorite authors. It’s a five-star, five coffee cup, five clover leafs, five alleluias if you must!  FABULOUS!


Unknown said...

Coming from my favorite author, this is a big honor. Knowing you're reviews take time from your busy schedule, I'm deeply awed by such glowing words.

Rita Karnopp said...

I'm still thinking about your transition from Sarah's Heart to Sarah's Passion - sheer genius! I'm still thinking about it! Loved it 100% . . . when you bounced this off me ... some time ago ... I thought ... huh? OH, little did I know you had complete command of this story and how you would weave the two stories together. Fabulous writing! I'm so impressed and proud of you!

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