Sunday, October 21, 2012

Special Edition - Just for You

I'm very proud to belong to Books We Love, specifically because it's an "invite onlyr" site, but mainly because of the innovative ideas and caring attitude aimed at the authors there. Being part of the KDP program when other publishers looked down their noses at the idea made our books more competitively priced and allowed us to compete with mainstream authors.For the first time ever, I honestly feel like a real cash-earning author. Of course, who knows when the tide will change, but it's been a pleasure to be on top of the wave instead of being drowned by it.  *lol*

  Further, as part of a holiday idea, each author has had a special edition put together that offers three stories combined to allow readers an opportunity to read our work at an affordable price.  Of course there's a reason behind the madness and that's to entice you to read our other work, new, old, and yet to come.

I'm very proud of the three combined books in my Special Edition, and I hope you will consider it, like i do, a great holiday gift for those on your lists.  Time Tantrums is a time-travel romance in which a pioneer wife and modern day female attorney switch times and eras.  First Degree Innocence is a mystery/contemporary in which a young, naive girl is incarcerated on faulty evidence tying her to a crime she didn't commit.  Embezzled Love is a fictional romance based on a true life event.  I decided to write the story to issue a warning to women looking for love on the Internet.  While there are lots of happy endings, there are those that end in a giant nightmare.  Don't be a statistic.

Did I mention that you can download these on your Kindle for only $5.95?  Or if you prefer print, you can also order the books in that fashion.  Check my authors page on Amazon or Books We Love for ordering information.

Note:  If you go to Amazon and search "Special Edition Books We Love" you'll find an assorted array by my talented peers.  The covers are color- coded to reflect the genres.  Although the books are also available individually, getting them 3-1 is a holiday special and one we hope you appreciate.

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