Monday, November 12, 2012


Ginger ~ It's my pleasure to sing . . . happy birthday to you .... happy birthday to you . . . happy birthday dear friend Ginger!  Happy birthday to you!!

Feel free to join me in wishing Ginger a great day . . . and making comments on how much you love her.

I will start by saying . . . you have the most infectious and delightful sense of humor . . . many times you've made me laugh - when I needed it most!  Thank you.

You are there for everyone! You are kind . . . giving . . . supportive . . . and it's great to have an opportunity to day I love you, girlfriend.  

Have a fabulous ... happy birthday!  I'm praying this next year will bring you much success and good health . . . you are way over-due to having a great year!   OOXX, Rita


Unknown said...

I'm so awed by your post and your friendship. Having you in my life is a greater reward than you know and I'm feeling special to be the topic of your blog today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that once this eye surgery is passed, I can get on with my life and write all those novels spinning around in my least finish the one that's my WIP. Love you girlfriend.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Rita,
Well said. Lovely blog. If anyone deserves a big dose of good luck it is Ginger. Her health issues would have broken a lesser woman.
Happy birthday Ginger, have a wonderful day, you deserve it.



Gail Roughton said...


Anita Davison said...

We have never met, you and I,
Brought together by a virtual world and a love of words
I call you friend, though I don't know who you really are,
nor do you know me.
But that doesn't get in the way of sending smiles
across the ocean and telling each other we care.
You always wrap your pain in humour, emotional or real
But I know it's there and though we are far apart, I am
with you anyway.
We may never meet, but I hope we stay friends forever
Happy Birthday my friend

Meljprincess said...

Mz. G,
Your friendship means so much to me. I look forward to many more years of it! I'm late and I'm sorry. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. HUGS AND SMOOCHES!!


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday! Hope the day was wonderful and that you are doing much better.

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