Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I found the following at my favorite Writers Digest site, and had to share it with you.  My favorite ‘piece of advice’ below is high-lighted in ‘red’  . . . because that’s exactly what I’ve done with my writing.  Oh, I’ve tried quitting once – but as my husband puts it, “You are happier when you’re writing.”  He’s right.  The one thing I do for me - is I write.  What is your favorite piece of writing advice or what keeps you writing?  What keeps me writing are the stories inside my head struggling to be written!  Rita
What is your top piece of writing advice?
“Read. Write. Read and write. Read. Then write.” —I.J. Schecter, author
“Give yourself permission to do what you’ve always wanted.” —Chris Guillebeau, author
“Good writers who pitch beat out great writers who don’t.” —Linda Formichelli, author
“Write something so painfully personal you pray nobody reads it.” —Chad Gervich, author
“Be prepared to market the heck out of your work.” —Wendy Burt-Thomas, author
10 words or fewer: What keeps you writing?
“I write for my daughter, to demonstrate having a voice.” —Christina Katz, author
“Fear of becoming homeless versus fear of all other jobs.” —Jeff Yeager, author
“Curiosity about new people, places. Also, need to pay bills.” —Matt Villano, freelance writer

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