Tuesday, May 7, 2013


We all want success – don’t we?  I’ve heard people comment, “My writing is just a hobby.  I’m not in it for the money.”  Really? Hmmm, really?
Oh, I agree that seeing my name on the cover of my book was a feeling I’ll never forget – and one no amount of money could buy.  But let’s face it - I still want to be financially successful.  Anyone who says they don’t care if they make money or not, they just like to write – is either financially set or they are afraid they can’t make money from their writing.  In today’s climate we must market for financial success.
Successful marketing is about making people curious and enticing them to order your book.  There are thousands … even millions…of books out there – so why should they buy ‘your book?’  If you can answer this question, you are on your way to creating a successful market plan for your books.
I read from a management consultant that when you are 80% ready to market, you should move forward. Why?  Most people stifle their marketing progress by second guessing themselves. They want the plan to be perfect – to create a platform that will blast into social media and take it by storm.  Hmmm . . . when exactly will your marketing plan be ready?  If you’re obsessed with self-editing, self-promoting, self-creative license, you might be paralyzed in the planning stages. Nothing will get accomplished – because nothing is happening.
Don’t be afraid to ‘let her rip.’ Dip your toes into the social media pool, and allow yourself the thrill of introducing yourself to the world.
The pursuit of success is admirable.  Challenge yourself to meet your goals.  Keep an eye on your marketing efforts and change them as you go.  But the key here is to get going!

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