Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sneak-Peek Sunday with Ginger

This week my offering is from Sarah's Passion, the  shorter sequel to Sarah's Heart.  Just a short setup so you'll understand.  Sarah has just endured a nightmare in the old west and now she's back in New York, face-to-face with the very man who saved her life and led her to safety in the 1800s (Nathaniel Elder, AKA Wolf).  Strange, but the friend she tried to save after the wagon train massacre, Molly, is now his sister...alive and well, and not dead as Sarah thought.  She's invited her new neighbors to dinner with hopes of getting some answers.  Enjoy:

As the word ‘wine’ passed her lips, her gaze rested on the two bottles Wolf clasped. He thrust them toward her. “We weren’t sure of the entrée, so we brought both red and white.” 

She accepted his offerings, noting the labels: cabernet and white zinfandel. After carrying them to the counter, she put them down and returned to where her guests stood. “That’s very nice of you…and I hope you like chicken because that’s what I’ve prepared. Lemon chicken to be exact.” 

Molly stepped forward, her familiar green eyes sparkling. “We haven’t met yet. I’m Molly Landers, Nathaniel’s sister.” She offered her hand. 

Sarah locked palms with her. “Your brother mentioned you were sharing the apartment. How very nice to meet you, and I’m so glad you accepted my invitation, Molly.” 

The name echoed in Sarah’s brain. How many times had she called out to Molly…made sure she still breathed after removing the arrow from the injured woman’s shoulder? Happiness warmed Sarah’s heart at seeing the woman she’d called, ‘friend’, alive and well instead of pale and gasping for breath. She willed the bad memory away, released Molly’s hand, and motioned to the sofa. “Please, sit down and be comfortable. I have only to whip the potatoes. Wine anyone?” 

“I’ll wait until dinner, thanks.” Molly took a seat next to her brother.

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