Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blog Inspirations Come from the Strangest Places - By Ginger

I admit it...I'm a second amendment supporter.  I honestly believe that people kill people, and to that end, I accompanied my sister to an all-day gun safety glass yesterday which was thoroughly enjoyable.  I own a pistol, but have never fired fact I've always felt very uncomfortable handling it.  I realized yesterday, my problem was just lack of knowledge. Gun safety is a lot like learning the guidelines of writing.  The more you know, the more at ease you feel about the end result.

The class focused on the basics of self-preservation, and avoidance was emphasized over and over.  Avoidance, you might ask.  Keep yourself aware at all times and avoid situations that would require the use of a weapon.  Use your voice to draw attention to the threat, if you have time, escape into a store, a car, or another safe spot.  When all else fails, shoot to STOP, not to kill.  During shooting practice, we were shown the target area on a body which is guaranteed to save your own life.  Legitimate gun owners don't tote weapons looking to use them, they carry them with the hope they never will have to get into that situation.

I was drawn to the revolver, and perhaps that's because of my love for westerns.  I remember seeing John Wayne employ a rapid fire maneuver in westerns by fanning the hammer of his gun.  I now know why.  He had only a single action revolver instead of the double-action ones available today.  Double action are much easier to fire, and I like that the revolving portion of the gun...for which it is named, makes for much easier loading than the other type of pistol, semi-automatic.  Although the magazines in those hold more than the six rounds in the revolver I used, I imagine if you are using the weapon only for self-defense, you wouldn't need more than that.  I have no plans of becoming a hobbiest as a lot of gun-owners are.

Our instructor, Linda, is certified by the NRA and really knows her guns.  Like I said, the main focus of the class was gun safety and avoidance of situations that might cause you to draw a weapon.  In these days of games like the "Knock-out" and other violent pastimes, you really have to consider that you might become a victim at anytime.

I completely identified with the color-code of awareness. Most people are classed as white.  Picture the people you see shopping in Walmart...those who leave their carts in the middle of the aisles with no regard for those around them.  Those in the alert state of "yellow", move their carts to the side and maintain awareness of those around them and their belongings.  Being in the white stage leads women to lose purses they leave unattended in a cart they consider is close enough to be safe.

Interesting enough, we practiced shooting at the distance of only twenty-one feet.  The reason, no one is going to be a threat when they are further away than that. You'd have plenty of time to remove yourself from the, car, into a crowd.  Oh, and by the way, you can also protect others if YOU FEAR FOR THEIR LIFE.  Those are very key words to remember before ever considering using a weapon.  If you fear for your life or that or someone else, you shoot to STOP.

Here in Arizona, where I'm vacationing this month, you don't need carry permits.  It's a common site to see people with holstered pistols here, but the law does recommend you apply for a concealed weapon permit to lessen the delay in purchasing a weapon.  In Tennessee, you do have to apply for both a carry permit and a concealed weapon permit.  Laws vary by states, so if you have questions, Google your own state to bone up on the laws.

 Some day, I hope to own a revolver, but when I get home, I plan to apply for a carry permit and do lots
Semi-Automatic Pistol
of "dry-shooting" with my nine milimeter semi-automatic pistol.  In case you didn't know, dry-shooting allows you to get the feel of your weapon without having any ammo involved.  The really good thing I learned is how to safely handle my pistol and make sure it's unloaded.  They're won't be any surprises in our house.  Who knows...Santa might even bring me a Smith & Wesson Model 10 4-inch steel revolver.

Things I learned:
Eye Dominance
Types of pistols.
Types of Ammo and what fits what.
A Magazine isn't just something you read.
How bullets are made and function.
The meaning of caliber.
The different grips one can assume.
The different stances.
The importance of holding one's breath when firing and why.
How to load, reload, and assure your weapon is unloaded.
That owning a gun is a huge responsibility,
and lastly, the importance of, and how to clean a pistol.

I can't recommend this class highly enough.  I'm sure they are held all over the US and anyone who owns a weapon should know all they can about it.  Whether it be a pistol (revolver or semi-automatic) or a rifle or shotgun, make sure you are safe in the handling of your guns.  Accidents can be prevented, and usually occur when people don't know what they are doing.

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Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ginger,
That was interesting. We don't carry guns out here in Australia, well, the general population that is. I have never owned a gun or fired one in my whole life.



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