Thursday, December 5, 2013


How do you create your story in three dimension?  Three simple things:
  • ·         dialog
  • ·         narrative
  • ·         action

Yep – it’s as easy as that.  When you write your scenes you must incorporate dialog, narrative, and action. 

Check the flow of your scenes and think; where is there too much narrative, or dialog, or even action.  I’m one of those who weigh heavy on dialog, but if it’s too heavy-handed your reader will lose track of what the characters are doing and where they are.  So you see it’s very important to have a balance.

You can speed up a scene by cutting back on the narrative and using dialog.  But, you can also slow down a scene by stopping the dialog and using narrative to drive it. 

Don’t forget that if you want to move that external plot along you need to focus on the action

Always remember, your novel should always be a combination of dialog, narrative, and action.  


Beth Trissel said...

Excellent points to remember.

Rita Karnopp said...

thanks, Beth. We love comments here at Dishin' It Out. Rita

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