Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rita's Amazon Countdown Deals #amazondeals

Several of Rita's books are undergoing price reductions in the Amazon Countdown deals.  At the moment, the poor dear is trying to recover from a retinal tear and a very painful wrist surgery that is causing her to endure more agony through physical therapy and a brace that pulls on the healing ligaments.  So...make a note because I know you'll want to partake of these special discounts on her books:

Rita's Amazon author's page

Leota Dream Woman on Amazon.com
Scheduled 3/1 through 3/7/2014

Tango of Death-Gypsy Spirit on Amazon.com
 Scheduled 3/4 through 3/10/2014

No Ordinary Killer on Amazon.com
Scheduled 3/8 through 3/14/2014

Ransom Love on Amazon.com
Scheduled 3/9 through 3/15/2014

Kindle Countdown Deal on Amazon.co.uk
Scheduled 3/9 through 3/15/2014

Somehow, I missed the February special for Kidnapped...but even at $2.99 it's an awesome read.

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