Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Snippets with Ginger Simpson #Sunday Snippets

Welcome to Snippet Sunday
The rules are simple. 

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3. Open to both un-published and published authors.
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Six paragraphs from my current WIP - Yellow Moon.  I figure if I got some good feedback, I'll be inspired to work harder on finishing.  Hope you enjoy.

A touch on her shoulder drew her from deep reverie and caused her to gasp.  She turned, and still unable to exhale, came face-to-face with the most attractive brave she’d ever seen.  Sunlight glistened on his freshly greased braids, and muscled arms extended from a broad, smooth chest exposed beneath his fringed vest.  Finding her voice proved impossible.

“Hau, I too come for water.”  He extended a pouch identical to those she carried.

Releasing her pent up breath, she let go of the tension his touch raised.  “I was deep in thought, and startled me.”  Her gaze remained locked with his–eyes capable of casting fear in an enemy, yet softened by his smile.

“I am sorry I frightened you, but our meeting is not by chance.  I followed you here, hoping to learn your name. I know I should not have approached you in this way, but I have watched you from afar and...and did not wish to wait to to meet you.

“Taku eniciyapa he?”  The timbre of his voice when he asked her name left her breathless.

“Mitakuyepi…my name is Yellow Moon.  I am so called for the season when the leaves fall.”


1.  Roseanne Dowell
2. Romancing the West with Jacquie Rogers
3. Tricia McGill, Australian Author
4.  Abbye Kovacevic
5. Kahlenna MacCarthy
6. Taryn Raye
7. Amber Bentley
8. Connie Vines
9. Scrawling Dreams in Ink


Taryn Raye said...

Intrigued by this meeting. Great six.

It would seem some of the links for the list haven't turned up a new Sunday Snippit (or I'm too early this morning. ;) )

Amber's doesn't link to her blog but her email address (and she didn't have a post up for today when I went to her blog)

Connie Vines said...

Ginger, We do love our westerns! Great title and cover.

Jamie said...

I love your six! Your use of the native language--though far beyond me--adds such depth. I can't wait to read more. :)

And, as always, thanks for hosting.

Juliet Waldron said...

What a fabulous cover--and the title is beautiful, too!

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