Monday, April 21, 2014

John Wayne - The Duke of Westerns by Ginger Simpson

As with all social medias that become important as an avenue of book promotion and reaching out to people, I've too, turned to Pinterest.  I know most folks are looking for boards that are unusual and entertaining, and I'm not smug enough to think people are going to come to my site just to read about me and my books.  Although I was at first reluctant to try involve myself in another site because my addiction to Facebook had already eaten up enough time to finish three novels, once I tried and discovered how easy it was to create a board and find fodder for Pinterest, I've crept over from time-to time and made quite a spectacle of myself.
 I offer the following to my visitors:
  • Videos Worth Watching
  • Love Those Westerns
  • Favorite Authors
  • Pictures That Have Special Meaning to Me
  • Political Stuff (can't help myself)
  • Helpful Tips and Ideas
  • Inspiration for Women (sexy men)
  • Places, Special Events and Sales (usually about contests, or thing that might be of interest to readers)
  • Funny Stuff
  • Countdown to Love (A special Karen Cote did for me that features lots of romantic stuff and all the graphics she did for me.)
  • First Kiss (An event I participated in on another blog where I feature everyone who shared their character's first kiss.)
  • Western Historical Romance
  • Shared Pins from Blogspot (places I visit on Blogger and share links here)
  • Places You Can Find Me (my website, blogs, special appearances, etc.)
  • Amazing Graphics (All the graphics Karen Cote has created to help promote my books...and those of Roseanne Dowell.)
  • Why I Won't Have Plastic Surgery
  • Who's Aging Gracefully
  • American Indian Love
  • Things I'll Never Wear (I'm having fun with this one.)
  • Can You Say "Eyebrows?"
  • People I Wish Were Still Here
  • Flashy Nails
  • Songs That Move Me
  • The Many Faces of John Wayne

Surprise of all surprises.  My inbox has been inundated with notices of "men" signing up to follow my John Wayne board.  I think I've finally struck their interest.  But then who didn't love "The Duke?"

In just a few hours after creating the board, I had amassed 323 followers for that particular one.  I have 329 pins of John Wayne there, but I plan to continue to add more as I find them.

I grew up on westerns around my house, and John Wayne was a frequent visitor to our television set.  I believe I've watched all of his movies countless times, and it really didn't matter if he wore a cowboy hat or an army uniform, he had swagger and sex appeal that made him unforgettable. Although some might argue he wasn't the best actor around, he certainly struck the heart of those who loved him...and obviously still do.  I may have to venture away from historical western romance and just write something down, dirty, and gritty like our hero.

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Unknown said...

He may not have been the best actor, but he was the best John Wayne ever!

He'll always be perfect to me.

Unknown said...

Me to...have you checked out my Pinterest page?

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