Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet Ellie Fountain #hitoricalromance

Hi, my name is Ellie...and that's what I'm called despite my birth name bein' Roselle Fountain.  Some how, I don't figure to measure up to that fancy name ever, because I prefer ropin' and ridin' to dressin' and actin' a lady.  Pa would like me to learn all about keepin' house, but since we have Cook to tend to all those chores, I keep busy with the hired hands, preferrin' to spend my time with them over pourin' tea and holdin' out my pinkie finger.  Oh, I wear a dress, but nothing fancy.  I'd much rather have on pants and chaps, but...

What has my dander up right now is the new ranch foreman, Tyler Bishop.  Pa hired him and I have no idea why.  We were doing just fine without him, but now he's here and thinks he's the boss of everything, including me.  I think Pa wanted some added security against the polecats that live on the neighboring land...the Bryants.  They haven't said as much, but it's clear they aim to own everything they can grab onto.  I'll be danged if they'll ever get their claws into Fountainhead.  My pa built this ranch and it's going to be mine some day, and I aim to run it as I see fit.  

I suppose Pa always wanted a son, but he got me instead. Now, he's treatin' Ty like he's the boy he always wanted.  Ticks me off a bit. 

 My ma's been gone since I was real small, and everyone tells me I'm her spittin' image.  I often wonder if I would be different if she was still around, but then I guess I'll never know. Some people think I'm spoiled, and I reckon I am  That's what happens when you're treated like a storybook princess.  If I could just learn to keep my mouth closed, I probably wouldn't get into so much trouble.  

My goal right now is to show Ty that I can do everything he can do, and even better.  I secretly bought myself a gun at the mercantile, and I've been practicing well out of earshot of the ranch to prove I can defend myself and our land.  I worry that nosy ol' Tyler will come snooping around and butt into my business like he always does.  I might be able to stay mad at him if he wasn't so dang good lookin'.  When I'm good and ready, I aim to show him my new skills

He had the nerve to ask me to a dance in town.  Oh, I'm no dummy...I know it was Pa's idea to make me more ladylike, and even though I'm not hankerin' to go, I said I would.  I've had a couple of brushes with the Bryant boys, so I hope they won't be there.  It would be just like Ty to come to my rescue and spoil everything.

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