Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Carrie Lang from First Degree Innocence

Hi There.  My name is Carrie Lang and my story isn't exactly what you might expect.  I was sentenced to ten years in prison for a crime I truly didn't commit.  You may be sitting in your house, thinking you're safe and sound, just like I was the day I called in sick, but a bank camera caught a fuzzy picture of a car identical to mine and a shadowed face, and that's all it took to convict me.  No one cared that I screamed I didn't do it. In record time, I was hauled out of my house, handcuffed, finger-printed, tried, and convicted.  Boy, how my life changed.

I've always been kind of a loner.  My mother passed away and my dad left us a long time ago.  I didn't even know where he was until he showed up one visiting day.  He has a whole new family and life, so I don't know why he wanted to butt into mine after all these years. He must have a reason.

  I suppose some could also call me naive.  Like I said, I stayed to myself, went to my job, and then came home. Until I went to prison, I didn't know much about the world, but let me tell you being incarcerated is a real eye opener.  Even though I stayed in my apartment most of the time, I still enjoyed freedoms taken from me here.  No pillows, no choice of clothing, no TV whenever you want it, and only a few hours a week in the rec. room.  Believe me, it's not fun.

People talk about bullies. It's no different on the outside than on the inside.  Jet is the plague here.  She runs the joint, and even the matrons seem to turn a blind eye to anything she does wrong.  For some reason, she has her eye on me, and she doesn't like that I've found a friend in my cellie.  I have to do something to get away from her, so I'm hoping I get picked to work on the garden brigade.  At least I'll have a few hours of free time and fresh air.  The smell of this place is horrid.  Imagine bleach, sweat, blood, and pee mixed together.  Not a very refreshing scent.

Most of the female guards here a just plain mean, but there is one male officer who's been very attentive.  I know he could really get into trouble if he's even seen talking to me, but for some reason, we've connected, and I think he may be the only one who believes my story.  If I get picked for garden duty, maybe I'll get a chance to talk a little more to him since he's the person in charge.  Wish me luck!

What the heck?   Now Jet wants to involve me in some stupid plot to get even with someone.  Why me, oh Lord.

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