Monday, April 7, 2014

Why ebooks? by Rita Karnopp

Ebooks are the future. Everyone is talking about it . . . right?  Ask yourself, why should the publishing industry continue to use our resources to produce books? 

The time has come when we need to buck-up and address if we want to do our part in preserving our planet – give a helping hand to help it survive the global crisis that exists.  We are in an enviable position to make a sustainable difference now.

Massive cutbacks in the production of bound books have occurred due to ebook productions.  The benefits of producing and distributing ebooks are nothing short of staggering positive benefits for our planet.

It’s no secret ebooks allow for prompt and less expensive production such as reprinting, updating, and correcting all material published. Consider storage costs and overhead expenses involved with mailing printed material.  None of this goes without resistance and of course problems that arise with change. 

But, I’m on the band-wagon that is striving to improve ways to save energy and nature.  Let’s face it – ebooks are the wave of the future.

Having said that, and being an author of a wonderful ‘publisher,’ (Books We Love) I’m taking the stance that I’m not promoting ‘self-publishing.’ I want to add here – I’ve read some great self-published books… so I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

But, I’ve read more self-published books that truly need the strong hand of an editor.  My advice would be if you desire to self-publish – please hire an editor, because releasing a book fraught with error will kiss your writing career goodbye shortly thereafter.

I’m of the conviction a ‘reader’ has the right to know if the book they’re buying is ‘self-published.’  Perhaps ‘self-published’ should be required on the book stats.  Right now self-pub authors are listing the book printing companies as their publisher.  That is so wrong in so many ways.  If find it somewhat deceitful.

Bottom line – the reader has a right to know what they’re purchasing.  Authors who have a publisher have paid their dues.  They have editors to make sure the book releasing has been professionally reviewed and rewritten to give the reader the best book possible.

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