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Friday Freebits with Ginger - #frifreebits #blogshare

Here's my continuation of La Vida Loca in a book I'm reworking.  Hope you enjoy and visit the links at the bottom.  We love comments (hint hint).

Okay, so I'm not a love machine, but I have had sex quite a few times in my life, and I can't recall ever mouthing even a fraction of the phrases I've read in some of the steamy books I read.  But, I labored over the keyboard, trying to writing something stimulating and exciting, yet with a story.  I just couldn't connect one sex scene with another, there had to be a plot other than intimacy.  Writing like that isn't realistic, and get's boring very fast.

Do you personally know someone who's admitted to having sex on the kitchen table.  How about while sitting on the john, or even operating a motor vehicle?  Actually, strike the last one...I do know someone who's done that and I'm still trying to figure out how.

I agonized over the verbiage.  Should you really put the word, vagina, with descriptive terms like wet, dripping and moist?  Visions of feminine hygiene products ran through my mind.  And how can one make oral sex visually appealing in the minds of their readers?  I guess some authors can, but I just couldn't find the appeal in anything hot and sticky unless it was a know those delicious cinnamon rolls sold in mall and airports that smell so heavenly?

I forced my imagination to run wild as possible given the hindrances I was under, and came up with the most outrageous terms I could to finish the story.  Remember, I said I don't have much experience on which to draw, but I was pleased with the final outcome.  Why then did I feel the need to shop it under an alias?  Most erotic writers do use pseudonyms...not because they aren't proud of their work, but because they don't want their friends to think them kinky.   Yes...that must be my reason...I didn't want to smear my sweet romance reputation.  Of course, I think adding a link to the book on my author's website might have been a big clue to my real self, but I wasn't about to pay for a whole other site for one story.

The first publisher I queried is a hot bed of Erotica, but shall remain nameless.  They print everything from masochism, bondage, sex in various openings, positions and places, alien sex, and pert near everything...except my submission.  Searchers was rejected because my heroine had an affair.  GASP!  My rejection letter read, "Many women will be offended by the plot of your story."  Really?  I guess being tied up, gagged with a sock, having sex with a being from another planet in an "exit only" orifice is less insulting than what happens in the real world.  I didn't get it, but I submitted elsewhere and got a contract.  I've since re-worked the story, re-named it Beaches, republished elsewhere with a new cover, and claimed it as my own.  I describe it as my debut/swan song into the genre, because I'm sticking with historical and contemporary romance.  The research is much easier on me.

Oh, I've tried being a sexual being.  Even went as far as having Bioidentical Hormone Pellets injected, and although the results made my husband happy, he now has to cling to those least that's what I tell him whenever he brings up the topic of sex.  I never should have married a man ten years my junior.  What was I thinking?

That concludes this week's installment.  Hurry on over to my pal's cites and see what's up with them today.

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Rhobin Lee Courtright said...

Yes, constant scenes of sex can, dare I say it, get boring. Some authors can pull it off successfully, but the story always has something more going on than sex alone.

An affair, how could you Ginger? That is so much worse than characters of either gender who make a slave out of their partner. (That's a satiric comment.)

Juliet Waldron said...

Damn, Ginger--too funny! And true! You meet prudery in the strangest places--I'm always amazed when I discover things that shock the BDSM crowd. I mean--are you truly into the wild stuff, or aren't you?

Juliet Waldron said...
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Tricia McGill said...

I'm with you, Ginger. I do like reading hot sexy scenes but find it very difficult to write erotica so have never tried. And some of the more erotic books I've tried to read left me cold instead of very hot. Same with everything, it's all about taste. Love your books anyway, whatever you write.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Ginger,
Great post. I have recently dipped by toes, or maybe I should say fingers into the erotic novella scene. Under a different name, of course.



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