Thursday, June 12, 2014


One of the simplest tools you have for promoting yourself as an author is your email signature!  How many times a day do you email?  Well – that’s how many times readers will be exposed to your ‘mini bio’!

Having an email signature is one of the cheapest ways to market yourself, your books, and even your blog.

You can update your email signature anytime you want and it’s a great way to introduce your latest book release.  It’s the best way to talk about your book – without saying a word.

New releases on  – Thunder and Whispering Wind

Coming soon  ~ Whispering Spirits - Summer Timber Wolf goes back to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana she swore she’d never return to or call home.  Quickly she’s caught up on a journey that teaches her to understand and find pride in where she’s come from . . . which reveals the path to her the future. 

Don’t miss an opportunity to get your name and your book titles seen.  Take a moment –right now- and create your own email signature.

GETTING STARTED:  For your signature you'll want:

Title of Book(s)
Date of release (or 25 word or less blurb)
Website link  

Add a little color and hyper link your site - the reader can click on it and will be taken straight to your book or website. 

Remember, this is the cheapest way to market yourself!  I’m all for that – aren’t you?

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